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Ranked #32 out of 45 in Italian (Toronto, Ontario)

    Address: 1566 Bayview Ave
    Toronto, Ontario M4G 3B7
    Phone: 416.440.0452

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    October 28, 2009

    My friends and I went to Verdi and received HORRIBLE service! We were a group of 7 and upon entering the restaurant found the place empty-yeah quick service. WRONG! We waiting for 20 minutes for our waiter to approach us with menus he took our drink orders returned with them and then we proceeded to wait another 30 minutes for him to come and take our order (by this point 2 other couples had entered). Everyone was hungry and frustrated, we kept asking the waiter when our orders would arrive and he just said there were other customers waiting as well! The place was not packed with people so this excuse didn't jive with us at all. After waiting for almost an hour we picked up our things and walked out the restaurant, we told the waiter we were leaving and he didn't even attempt to stop us. Later that night my friend called and explained the situation to the manager, he offerd to give us 10% discount if we came back. A measly 10% was not enough for my friends and I to return to this place again! There are plenty of other restaurants along Bayview Avenue that offer great service, Verdi would just be a waste of your time!

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