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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills products are a dynamic balance of science and beauty, and are carefully selected by company founder Anastasia Soare to assist in bringing harmony to one's features.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Reviews

Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio
I absolutely love blush. Especially in the winter time. When I found this blush trio, I was absolutely head over heels. It is so pigmented and lasts all day long! The colour variety is great, too. Highly recommend.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario
I love this palette. The colors are so stunning and the formula is amazing. This is the palette that made me love Anastasia Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, it's discontinued now but this palette definetly needs to come back on the market. It's such a stunner..

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit
I only used 3 shades the darker ones for contour. Loved them, found they blended easily but found the palette got messy really fast. The lighter shades were pretty useless for me. Sometimes I felt like it would melt off and the colour wasn't as deep as I wanted to be. It would...

Anastasia beverly Hills Pro Pencil
Use this under the brows to shape and give a little lift to them works wonderful I believe i have the lightest shade works perfectly and blends in like butter

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezers
I was hesitant to buy this tweezer because it is quite the price tag ($36+tax at Sephora) but boy am I glad that I did. Unlike the Tweezerman, which I think is over-hyped and not really all that great (it doesn't have that great of a grip and caused me scars and bleeding every...

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette
This product is great! Not only are the colors within the palette smooth and creamy but there is a lot of variety of them so that you can mix and match to create a super unique color. The only complaint I can offer is that mixing the colors can get a bit messy and it's...

Anastasia Confections Coconut Patties in Key Lime
I really enjoyed these. They're completely different than any other chocolate bar treat out there. I like the hint of lime flavour, it pairs great with the coconut.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel
THAT EYEBROW PENCIL IS STAYING PUT! This gel acts like a hairspray for your eyebrows and worked really well at keeping my eyebrow pencil in place! I wouldn’t wear it for everyday general wear as it feels a little OTT, but for occasions where I need my make-up to LAST, I’ll...

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kit-ulitmate glow
I love this glow kit! The glow pops when it is on your cheek. There is a variety of colors that you can choose from. They apply nicely. They have long lasting color. If you are looking for a highlighting kit this is the one to buy!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Ultimate Glow
At first, it was okay, and the glow was meh, but its crumbled, I have no idea why the pigments all crumbled, but they are falling apart. they are really chunky and I would not buy this again.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liner Brush #3
I was skeptical about this because this brush is a little different than the standard angle or straight pointed brush but I absolutely love this. This gives me so much more control. I wouldn't say this would be ideal if you want to maybe do sharp winged liner, but for anything...

Anastasia Beverly Hills Large Synthetic Duo Brush #12
I use this brush to fill in my eyebrows every day and I can say I would never change it ever again. I love how shaped and finely it is made and i have never had any problems with this brush compaired to others. Highly recommend

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Singles
a pretty good eyeshadow but definitely not worth the price. I love looking for dupes as expensive doesn't mean best working. the pigment isn't as bad but could be better

Anastasia Confections - Coconut Patties
Found this little gem at Bulk Barn today. I am a lover of all things coconut so this was a must try for me. I am sold! These Coconut Patties are fantastic, the mix of dark chocolate and coconut are the perfect combination. There is a very generous amount of coconut in each of...

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Liner
Ive been looking for a replacement for my kvd tattoo liner and I think ive found it. It had a felt tip although I really do prefer a brush tip I was so pleasantly surprised the felt tip creates the thinnest line even thinner than kvd! I wasn't expecting that te first time I used...