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BlackBerry is a line of mobile smartphone devices that were developed in 1996. Products are meant to be used as a personal assistant, media player and mobile phone. ChickAdvisor members suggest the BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Tour and BlackBerry Pearl.

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Blackberry Reviews

Blackberry Curve
Blackberry Curve

29 reviews

i find blackberries just aren't worth it, the battery life just get terrible over time, although i was excited to get this since blackberries were becoming popular over time i learnt i would regret that

Blackberry Torch
Blackberry Torch

10 reviews

i find blackberries just aren't worth it, the battery life just get terrible over time, this was my second blackberry and upon getting it i was hoping it would be a better quality of battery since it was the newest blackberry, but i was mistaken, eventually my buttons had fallen...

blackberry playbook 16 gb
I actually have the 32 gb Playbook by Blackberry and I love it! It is compact and easy to use, can connect to available wi-fi with no issues, can play games/apps, check Facebook, take or view pictures or video and you can use it to download and watch movies! (Great for kids on...

BlackBerry 8703 e
So , I now have the curve and bold (one for bidness one for pleasure) and honestly like both of those better than this phone, but at the same time I never really had a complaint regarding this phone! It was mostly just my weird little things here and there like the keyboard on...

Blackberry Bold
Blackberry Bold

8 reviews

I think they should have all of the blackberries listed for reviews I have one of the older Blackberry Bold sometimes it works good sometimes it doesn't I go on face book with it it doesn't show me everything that's on face book it shows like 10 messages that people put on...

Blackberry Pearl
I was soo happy when I'd finally got a blackberry. I loved it for a few months, then it started acting up. The T9 SUCKS! Instead of writing normal words, it will write whatever letter on the keypad it feels like putting down. It doesn't know alot of words, and the track...