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Club House

McCormick Canada is the largest Spice, Dry Sauce & Seasoning, Extract, and Specialty foods operation in the country. Recent product introductions like One Step Seasonings and the new Club House Ethnic Flavour’s further show how Club House is providing a way to make great meals easier for Canadian families.

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Club House Reviews

Club House Southwest Chipotle Seasoning
I had never tasted this seasoning but I really was impressed. The taste is delicious and combines with chicken and also with meat. The price is super cheap.

Club House Food Colour Preparation
I am constantly purchasing this club house food colouring. My two boys love play dough and doing colour experiments so I go through it quick. I do find with play dough I have to use quite a bit if I want a vibrant colour. The colour is flavourless and works amazing for teaching...

Club House Caesar Rim Seasoning
Club House Caesar Rim Seasoning : I like the clubhouse Cesar rim seasoning. When I making bloody Caesars I always use it .:) i buy mine at walmart and it is inexpensive

Club House Apple Pie Spice
That is my first time using this kind of product. Would highly recommend it! The taste is good, I tried with muffins and it really tastes good!!!!!!!!

Club House La Grille Montreal Steak Spice Seasoning
Great flavour. Adds just the right amount of heat and taste to meats and vegetables. Love it. Will absolutely be buying this again. Probably in a bigger size????

Club House Super Burger
If you make your own burgers, this super burger spice is a must have. I was at a BBQ a couple of months ago and the host made his own burgers, they were to die for. It took a bit of harassing to get him to tell us the secret ingredient which was this club house seasoning. It...

Club House Organic Taco Seasoning Mix
I liked the flavour in this packed it was about the same as my normal taco seasoning. I did receive this as a free sample and was so happy I could try it. I am going to try to use this seasoning with some other recipes as well. But truthfully I woudn't pay the extra money for...

Club house la grille brown sugar bourbon burger addin
I love this product so much, I’ve tried it for burger patties. Tastes great! Has a suttle smoky flavour that is very delicious. Better than my go to recipe with a lot less work!

Club House Organic Kung Pao
I have to say I was rather hesitant to try this spice, but after receiving it free for the purpose of testing I decided to give it a try! What a great zingy taste it put on our tacos! Amazing. And so price worthy. I would definetly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice spice!

Club house sweet & spicy dipping sauce
This sauce has a lovely and complex flavor with ethnic notes. Can't place it. Moroccan maybe? A great gravy substitute that suggests a lot more effort than was required. Gotta love an add-water-and-stir sauce that makes you look like a chef. :) Serving with pork tonight, but...

Club House Pure Almond Extract
I buy Club House Pure Almond Extract to use when baking Almond cookies. They smell and taste delicious, so I think I will continue to use this brand when I bake.

Club house chicken bouillon
I use this bullion constantly adda flavor to everything its uses in mt house are so versatile its great soup stem gravy flavoring dishes and can add to many didfrwnt

Club House gravy packages
The gravy packet was the saviour to my meal. With two small children running around, I in advertently over cook my roast. Thanks to the gravy packet was from Clubhouse, I was able to add a sauce and salvage dinner without the use of my darling finger for pizza!

Club House Organic Kung Pao Seasoning Mix
This was really easy to make. Just cook up chicken pieces, add any vegetable and then just add this mix with water. Takes no time at all! I served it with rice, but I'm also going to try it with noodles too. Has a nice sweet flavor, with a little kick of heat.

Club House Organic Gravy Mix For Turkey
I received this product for free to review and I used this gravy on chicken because I did not like turkey very much. The taste is good but I found it very salty.