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D'Italiano Reviews

D'Italiano Thick Slice Bread
We like this Brand & even though it is more expensive, we stayed with them. However, back in June 2022 we experienced a Large Patch of Mould on top of a FRESH Bread hidden by the Printed Label on the Bag. I contacted them & offered them the Loaf of Bread but they Declined. Not...

D'Italiano Hot Dog Buns
bought these buns at Zehr's they were awesome nice and big for the bigger burgers that you buy at higher in stores are there also great for sloppy Joe's and leftover sandwiches for the kids always nice and fresh bought them a few times

D'Italiano Crustini Buns
D'italiano Crustini buns are a great product especially for the price!! I've purchased Both the crustini burger buns as well as the sausage buns and there is no better in the price range

D'Italiano Sesame Seed Bread
My husband came home with this bread this week. It is simply delicious!! It's so good that I am able to eat it with just butter. I even had it as a substitute for rolls when serving burgers on Monday. Works very well.

D'Italiano Herbs with Garlic Hamburger Buns
I usually love D'Italiano but was very disappointed when I got these herbs with garlic hamburger buns. In theory I should have loved these. I love D'Italiano, I love garlic, and I love herbs. But when I had these with hamburgers, the flavour of the bun overpowered the flavour of...

D'Italiano Tostati Rye with Caraway seeds
Went to my RCSS Warehouse Club to pick up some of their 99 cent bread only to see that they wee out of bread. So I saw these cute little Tostati things. Thought what the heck, picked up a pack to try (hey at 99 cents, what could I lose). To my surprise I like, no make that...