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Dr. Belmeur

Dr.Belmeur is a skincare line formulated without 10 additives and artificial fragrance. Dermatologically tested, this line provides gentle skincare and barrier-enhancing solution for common skin problems such as dry-sensitive and acne-prone skin. Dr. Belmeur products are available at The Face Shop.

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Dr. Belmeur Reviews

Dr. Belmeur Advanced CICA Recovery Cream
Dr. Belmeur brand is always a part of my skin care. I have tried their different skin care and this one is what I use during my break out days. It calms down my skin and dries out the acne. My skin will clear out in 2-3 days. It has a nice consistency and does not feel sticky...

Dr. Belmeur Advanced CICA Recovery Serum
De. Belmeur is quite unqiue in the texture. It is thicker than all the other serums I have tried yet it is not greasy or oily. It is quite moisturizing and not much of a scent which I appreciate. It is in an air tighter pump dispenser which I liked. Sometimes the pump struggle...

Dr. Belmeur Panthenol Soothing Gel Cream
I am a K beauty FANATIC. Love the face shop so wanted to try Dr Belmeur. Ceramides and panthenol and everything sounded great - but did not work for my oily/combo/sensitive skin. This always sat on top of my skin instead of hydrating it, and does not layer well under makeup...

Dr. Belmeur Spot Calming Ampoule
I'm not really a fan of runny products and serums applied with a dropper because application is often messy and a bit of a pain when you are always in a rush, so if I suck it up and use a product that comes with a dropper, it's because it works! I often get eczema irritated on...

Dr Belmeur moist cleansing water
I was given a sample to try and noticed it did not irritate my skin. I also noticed that within 5 minutes my irritated dry patch of skin on my face cleared up. I have never tried a product with such quick and permanent results. I continue to use it and it has helped my facial...

Dr Belmeur - Acne Prone Face Cleanser
I suffer from really bad acne. This cleared things up within 2 weeks. The results are amazing everyone in my family has tried it and had very amazing things to say.

Dr. Belmeur Cica Peptide Ampoule
I only tried a sample, the experience may be different with a full-sized product and longer use. The ampoule is serum like and that's how I applied it, and when I used it in my routine. This is not my first experience with Cica, it happens to be an ingredient I really enjoy...

Dr. Belmeur moisturizing lipbalm
My lips get really chapped in the winter and I have a really hard time finding chapstick that does not just feel like a coat of grease. This chapstick moisturized without the greasy feel.

Dr. Belmeur Spot Plaster Band
The patch pack is perfect for hiding and absorbing white heads and acne. Just don’t leave on white heads for too long or they might stick When they pop and you’ll bleed. These are my go to for covering pimples during the day.

Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Moisturizer
Love this but it’s a bit harsh on my skin so I mostly use it on pimples and acne. It’s great for clearing up problem areas however it turns normal pimples Into white heads.

Dr. Belmeur Foam Cleanser
I have quite sensitive skin and I often breakout when I try new products, this one however works really nicely for my skin and I haven't had a break out in a while now. Definitely my favorite cleanser so far.