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equate Reviews

Equate Coconut Milk & Jasmine Body Wash
Coconut Milk & Jasmine Body Wash by Equate is compared to Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk with Jasmine Petals body wash. This really surprised me because not only is the smell amazing but it lathers up so well while washing. It provides moisture to your skin and leaves it...

Equate tampons
These tampons work just the same if not better then the name brands and are a lot cheaper. Easy to glide in and very absorbent. I prefer the ones with the applicator over the cardboard for comfort reasons.

Equate epsom salts
I consider this the best, and most economical way for me to relieve aches and pains without popping pills. Nothing fancy, but does the job during a nice hot soak in a tub. Sometimes I add a few drops of an essential oil to the water, but not necessary when you just want the...

Equate Lavendar scent Epsom Salts
I have used this product for a foot soak after a long week of work. I like to soak my feet and this product smells great. It is very relaxing. This is better than just plain Epsom salts because of the lavender scent. Love the smell.

Equate Allergy Relief extra strength
This product does what it says. It is very affective & in my opinion, better then most of the higher brands. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone.

Equate liquid hand soap
This is the only brand of hand soap my family buys. We like the Honey and Milk scented one. It smells just like the Soafsoap brand, and works just as well for a fraction of the cost.

Equate regular pads
Ive been looking for pads that can be comfortable, effective, and money saving. Ive finally found them. I used to buy expensive top of the line pads before and was shocked how well the Equate worked.

Equate makeup remover
These wipes are extremely gentle and very good at removing makeup. You don't have to wipe or scrub too hard, even to remove waterproof mascara. They're not heavily scented, which is a bit of a drawback for me because I like a fresh cleansing scent, but this also means that they...

Equate Cotton Balls
These are great for soaking my nails with acetone. I actually only use half of one cotton ball per nail, so I tear them apart. They work well and absorb nicely.

Equate alcohol swabs
I started using these for travelling for swabbing my ears before putting earrings in. Can be used if you have a cut or if you have diabetes for checking your sugar. I get a box very cheap and last awhile!

Equate gripe water
Gets the job done! Just like any gripe water except cheaper. Recommend to anyone with a fussy, gassy baby. As soon as my daughter took this she was calm.

Equate Tea Tree Oil
Great product. Definitely minimizes blemishes and helps to clear them in no time. I would definitely recommend using tea tree oil

Equate Ibuprofen 400mg
This is the brand my family use Equate Ibuprofen 400mg..Works as intended and has a great price..With a lager family every dollar saved helps.But not For for Children..

Equate Grape flavour Vitamin C chewables
I need to make sure that I get enough vitamin C, and these yummy chewable tablets make it a joy to use them.

Equate Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Towelettes
I have dry skin so these are perfect for myself as it takes away a step away from my makeup removal routine. It cleans the makeup off completely, including waterproof mascara, and more importantly exfoliates the skin afterwards. Cannot go wrong with these and have been buying...