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Evian water's unique and balanced mineral composition gives it its distinctive smooth, buttery taste. Evian starts as rain and melting snow on the peaks of the Northern Alps.  It filters through layers of glacial sand on a 15+ year journey deep in the heart of the mountains. Through this process, Evian is filtered naturally, without chemicals, giving it the purity, mineral content, and taste that nature intended.

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Evian Reviews

Evian water
Evian water

22 reviews

It has a fresh taste and tastes better than many other brands of water it is also relatively inexpensive and very affordable would recommend and the bottles do not leak often

Evian Mineral Spray Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray
This is the best for keeping your face moisturized during the winter with out putting tons of lotion on all day. I use my lotion in the morning then use this to keep it nice all day long.. even put in my hair when its feeling dry to refresh it.

Evian Facial Spray
This is a perfect face mist. I love the mineral water mist it is so refreshing. I love using it in the morning before I start my day. It makes my skin look and feel amazing. It is less dry in the winter time when my skin suffers the most, and so refreshing on hot summer days...

Evian Mineral Water Spray
I know this is not a setting spray since it's just water in a can, but it helps alot with removing the appearance of excess powder in my face and I also use it at night especially during winter time because I feel it helps in conjunction with my moisturizer to hydrate my skin...

Evian Affinity - Oxygenating Purifying Toner
I love this toner. It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. It is lightly scented and it smells lovely. A little squirt of this toner goes a long way. It is one of the best drug-store brand toner I've ever used!