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Kirkland Signature

The Kirkland Signature label today appears on about 20 percent of the products you find in your local warehouse - on everything from men's dress shirts to laundry detergent, pet food to toilet paper, canned foods to cookware, olive oil to beer, automotive products to health and beauty aids. The common element: These are Costco's signature products that offer the perfect combination of quality and price to members.

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Kirkland Signature Reviews

Kirkland hot chicken
I buy Kirkland Hot chicken ready to eat when I'm in the Costco area near dinner time. I serve the seasoned chicken with fresh white bread. It is about $8.00 for a ready to serve chicken. I'm sure it is a loss leader for Costco!

Kirkland smoked salmon
I serve Kirkland smoked salmon with crackers and cream cheese as an appetizer. It is flaky, but not dry and is always the first thing to get eaten up at parties.

Kirkland Multigrain Bread
I buy Kirkland brand multigrain bread in a two pack at Costco for $4.99. This is good value because the bread loaves are a good size and come with healthy ingredients.

Kirkland nutrition shake
Gave these a try as I was being lazy in making my daily shake but needed something for breakfast. These are delicious and creamy with full on vanilla flavoring. They don't taste chalky like some others I have tried. They are a great value, you get a pack of 32 for around...

kirkland vitamins senior
I buy these vitamins for my husband who has turned 51 and not really a senior yet, but the list of ingredients was such a good value that we decided to purchases these instead of regular vitamins.

Kirkland Contact Solution
Do not notice any difference between this brand and any of the major name brands, works as well and is significantly less expensive. Well worth it and we stock up when we need it.

Kirkland desloratadine allergy control
These tablets Desloratadine allergy control 5 mg, are the no name brand compared to Aerius. They work very effectively , I used to have prescription, and now I use these!! works very well for me!

Kirkland Parmesan curls
I buy Kirkland Parmesan Curls when I'm at Costco. They taste fresh and are a good value in the large container available. I use parmesan on most past dishes as well as when I coat chicken in a bread crum coating.

Kirkland frozen cheese pizza
I buy frozen cheese pizzas to serve as hot appetizers or as a meal with a salad. They are made with a variety of cheeses and the crust is thin.Serve in small wedges or cut into squares.

Kirkland Pretzel Toffee Bark
This is my newest addiction! I can't begin to tell you how GOOD this Kirkland Signature Brand pretzel white and brown chocolate bark is! It's softer then an bark I have tried. It's SO rich and full of flavour! It has a wonderful salty and sweet taste mixed and the chocolate is...

Kirkland Olive Oil
It's an inexpensive brand of olive oil I use in cooking m doesn't overheat and its healthy for the heart and arteries. It also doesn't have an overpowering taste

Kirkland maple bacon thick cut
My family loves thick cut bacon and when I recently picked up the Kirkland brand, it was a huge hit. I purchased it at Costco on sale and I had to go back to stock up. It is great for sandwiches, breakfast, or in a ton of different recipes. for the quality and value I will...

Kirkland Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chips Granola Bars
These taste so good and they're a healthy alternative to chips! They don't leave an after taste like some other brands do either. I've tried a few and had to give them to my kids because they kept taking mine! The price is a lot cheaper than other brands too.

Kirkland Sunsweet Pitted Prunes
I recently bought these at Costco and was impressed how much bigger they were when compared to other brands. Fresh and fantastic taste. Large big means I can eat a few each day without running out.

Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup
Nothing like real Maple Syrup for taste and good for you. Can't beat the price for the amount you get. Nothing better on Pancakes and waffles, I also use in smoothies and on ice cream.