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Knorr Reviews

Knorr Vegetable Dry Soup Mix
The recipe used in the Knorr vegetable mix that I prefer most is the Spinach Dip recipe! This soup is salty, tangy, and tasty, and it is a great way to flavour soups and dips!

Knorr Sidekicks Country Mushroom Rice
First let's get the thing that makes me angriest out of the way. The old classic, sodium. Now while I get that processed food has a tendency to be higher in salt, I feel there's never a need (other than manipulating taste buds and causing cravings) for the salt levels to be this...

Knorr Parma-rosa Pasta Sauce
I usually sauté mushrooms and garlic and/or broccoli and add to sauce and pasta. I especially love adding shrimp to the mix, sprinkling with old cheddar or mozzarella, for an au gratin treat!

Knorr premium gourmet mushroom soup
Simply every time I make this soup the complements I get are amazing. As a working mom who loves to cook but has no time Knorr fulfills my duties to prepare delicious premium quality dishes for my family in no time

knorr sidekicks creamy parmesan
Knorr sidekicks creamy Parmesan is one of my favourites . It's rich and creamy and has a mild Parmesan flavour . It takes approximately 20 minutes to make . It makes a great side dish , so the possibilities are endless on what to have with it. Sometimes I don't cook it down as...

Knorr Cream of Broccoli Dry Soup Mix
I am so impressed with knorr soups . they taste really good and they are very affordable . I am doing a diet and this made me include soup in my diet for low numbers of calories

Knorr Hollandaise Classic Sauce Mix
I’ve been on an egga hollandaise kick lately and I was getting tired of using a bunch of eggs and having lots of Extra egg white left over . So my friend told me about the package of sauce I could get and thank goodness for it :) Saved me eggs and time !! Lol The flavour is...

Knorr Sidekicks White Cheddar & Broccoli Pasta
I have tried this pasta like 3 years ago and it's my go to ever since. It's a quick ready to eat meal and it does not take long to cook. Sometimes I will eat this as a side dish or maybe just by itself depending on my mood. This sells really cheap here and normally I buy a whole...

Knorr Cream of Potato Soup Mix 74g
This soup is easy to make, you can use a good amount of heat at first, but constant whisking or stirring is required, to prevent sticking to the bottom. You can use 18% cream instead of milk, or half cream half water for an even more rich soup. I sometimes use slightly less...

Knorr poulet citronne mediterraneen et orge
J ai recu #Gratuit le repas ala poele Mediterraneen et orge , j ai eu a rajouter du poulet, epinards et carottes et en une demi heure j avais un bon souper, facile a faire , que toute le monde a apprecier . Je vais en acheter a nouveaux

Knorr Sidekicks 4 Cheese Risotto
Excellent flavour and nice and easy to make as well. The kids really enjoyed it and they could make it themselves. Smells just as good when it's cooking

Knorr Sidekicks Garlic Raffaello
I bought this on sale. It was quick to make and tasted great and as a side dish was nice. Although the serving was suggested to be for 4 if you serve it with chicken etc. But quantity is so low that it will only easily serve 2. Otherwise tastes great and i love the garlic...

Knorr Onion Soup Mix
When myself or one of my family members are feeling a bit under the weather, this is my go to soup to help us jump back to our selfs ASAP! With lots of flavour, we all enjoy the savoury goodness!

Knorr Lipton Tomato Vegetable Dry Soup Mix
C’est un bon produit à avoir dans le garde-manger. Cela dépanne quand on manque de temps ou quand on est malade. Ce n’est pas une soupe de qualité, mais elle vaut son prix. Je recommande à en garder toujours en réserve.

Knorr Au Jus Classic Roast Gravy Mix
I like to have this in my pantry when I am making a chicken and even a turkey. I find it is easy to use and it adds great flavour to the meat. The instructions are clear. Easy to store so I generally buy 2 ...one to use and one to have on reservor in case I need it. IT...