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Knorr Reviews

Knorr Sidekicks Chicken Fried Rice
I really have bought and used so many of @Knorr Sidekicks they come in so many delicious varieties and a such a easy, very quick and convenient way to make my meals special. This @Knorr Sidekicks (Chicken Fried Rice) is one of them. This is made with rice, vermicelli, dried...

Knorr Homestyle Stock Chicken
Knorr Chicken stock has a great flavour I use it in my Chicken Stir fry.I add a cube after the meat and veggies are almost done with a bit of water.I don't have to add much spices.

Knorr cheese spinach dip sidekicks
I really like this flavour of Sidekicks, definitely one of favourites! Delicious alfredo and spinach sauce! The only thing I kind of dislike about it is the pasta, it's thinner than most Sidekicks and they tend to overcook too quickly. But otherwise, tasty & affordable!

Knorr Sidekicks Creamy Bacon Carbanara
Love the taste super easy to make oafter a long day st work simple ingredients the only think bad about is the noodles sometimes stay crunchy no matter how long you cook or how much liquid is used thickens to fast

Knorr Recipe Onion Soup Mix
This makes the best onion dip and has a great onion flavor. I have only used this product to make dip and its the only mix i will use to make the dip. So if you need perfect onion dip use this product . I use 500 ml of sour cream and roughly whole pack of mix. I let it sit in...

Knorr Mushroom Soup
I like mushroom soup in general. I tried this because my friend recommended it. it definitely tastes good. there's pieces of mushroom, not a lot. price is reasonable. easy to make

Knorr Sidecicks Parmesan Pesto
I'd say the pastor Pastor was pretty delicious I'd like pesto pasta is overall really delicious I just wanted to eat more even though I was full I definitely recommended even my children which are normally picky eaters found it quite delicious

Knorr Sidekicks Asian Teriyaki Noodles
I found it to taste very off and have slight metallic/ watery flavor. Was very disapointed in this product and will not buy again. I was really excited purchasing this product but in the end i was not satisfied.

Knorr scalloped potatoes
I got some Knorr scalloped potatoes packages at a great price. While I have squally make my own, I figured it makes sense to have some quick sides on hand, especially consid ring the price. I did not have very high expectations, but it was delighted when we tried them. They...

Knorr Sidekicks Three Cheese Pasta
When you get Sidekicks on sale, they're a great deal. I love having them on hand for a side for a meal, and I also love using them as a base for a casserole type meal. They're tasty, filling and mix well with a variety of other ingredients and foods. I will buy them again for...

Knorr Lipton onion
If you want to add some supreme flavour to your meals try this delicious soup mix! You can sprinkle it in or make a fabulous dip out of it. I love to put it in a gravy for extra flavour! Try some today!

Knorr Three Mushroom Pasta Sauce Mix
This mushroom sauce is a great alternative to using the canned mushroom soup that I normally use when I am craving a quick mushroom sauce. It’s lower in sodium, a medium thickness consistency, and flavourful. It cooks in less than 10 minutes – but be sure to whisk it...

Knorr Sidekicks Asian BBQ Rice
I think that is a weird f’avor for a rice, maybe it would be better if you make a chicken Fried rice from it but to it as an sidedish is not tastefull

Knorr Sidekicks Homestyle Cheddar Pasta
Very great purchase! My kiddos love this pasta and never seems to disappoint. Fair amount in the package and tastes great for the money! Will always recommend.

Knorr Veloutine White Sauce Instant Thickener
This gravy thickener is a LOT easier to work with in comparison with the flour/water shaker method Husband normally uses. We don’t end up with lumps & bumps, and it whisks in easily, quickly thickening up our chicken & turkey gravy. The gravy also doesn’t end up with a...