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The Nestlé Company was founded in 1867 by Henri Nestlé, who developed the first milk-based baby formula in order to save the life of a neighbour’s baby. His Farine Lactée formula went on to nourish many babies who were unable to feed from their mothers or unable to accept the usual substitutes. Since this beginning, nutrition has been the heart of the Nestlé business.

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Nestlé Reviews

Nesti Dante Soap
This is an italian soap and is prepared respecting the old traditions. You will love any soap that Nesti Dante produces but if you want my advice you have to try first pure olive oil and broom soap. And I'm gonna explain why. The olive oil one is made of pure olive oil, and...

Nestlé Drumstick Frozen Dessert Cones
I buy these when on sale as they are expensive. The little ones love them adults too. Much smaller than i remember. Love the nuts on the outside. A nice treat.

Nestlé Rolo Frozen Dessert
This is a great ice cream with fun little pieces of rollo!!! Usually I don’t like chunks of stuff in my ice cream, but this one actually works for me! Definitely a fan!!!

Nestlé Turtles Chocolates
Ils sont délicieux, en plus ils sont sans gluten! Parfait pour les cœliaque! Ça sera parfait pour charmer vous inviter ou faire une petite surprise pour vos enfants

Nestlé Smarties Candy Coated Milk Chocolate
My kids love it. It has nice colours good taste. It's very good for parties and for lote bags. Good price and good size. Can get it easily. It's good to use to decorate cake or cupcakes too my kids love to do that.

Nestlé Aero Peppermint Milk Chocolate Bubble Bar
Anything Aero is my favorite 😁, but these just hit different 🥰🥰, I'm a HUGE mint flavor fan, so anything mint and chocolate 🍫🍩 is a YEP for me! Obviously tastes like Aero, but with mint! I've used these in a few baking recipes especially during the holidays

Nestlé Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bar
Coffee crisp is the best chocolate bar around. They are so yummy and tasty and I could definitely eat a dozen of them if given the chance. Would definitely buy for ever

Nestle L'Atelier Chocolate
I was given this chocolate bar to sample. And I must say it is really really good. I really like that there are full pieces of nuts inside of it. All of the additions to the chocolate are right on top and yet secure inside the chocolate. So it’s very transparent of what is...

Nestlé Crunch Chocolate Bar
SO GROSS !!!!!! Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy Do not buy

Nestlé Aero White Chocolate Bubble Bar
Omggggg so good! I'm a HUGE fan of white chocolate & Aero so when they put them together it was a match made in heaven! I'm OBSESSED with this chocolate! I've used it baking as well 😃

Delissio Garlic Dipping Bites Pepperoni Pizza
This pizza is ok if you want everything to taste like garlic. The garlic bites over power everything else so the pizza tastes just as garlicky as the bites. Too much garlic lol

AERO® Milk Chocolate Mini Bars
The chocolate is quiet good. Like how airy it is and how easy it melts in your mouth. Sweet enough to satisfy your taste buds but not overly sweet where you go over your sugar limit. If it had less preservatives and Moro coco then it would taste much better.

Delissio Rising Crust 3 Meat Pizza
This pizza fresh out of the oven is so yummy! Very popular in our household for quick easy dinners. Freezer is always stocked with these guys! The best

Nestlé Gold
Nestlé Gold

3 reviews

Not a coffee drinker, I prefer tea. But I received this as a sample and it was very nice. Already had milk added to it so it instantly foamed on top which was welcome. The flavour was delicious without being bitter or too sweet. Would drink this again!

Nestlé Aero Milk Chocolate Truffle Bubble Bar
i always like aero bubble chocolate, it's so much fun to eat. and now this new truffle flavour, it's so delicious and full of chocolate tastes. chocolate is so smooth and not too sweet, perfect for me !