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Reactine offers a variety of allergy relief products. Among some of its most popular products are Reactine Liquid Gels, Reactine Extra Strength, Reactine Regular Strength, and Reactine Allergy + Sinus. For more information visit reactine.ca


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Reactine Reviews

REACTINE Extra Strength Tablets
Je dois avoir essayé à peu près toute les pilules d'allergies en vente libre disponible. Mes pires saisons d'allergies sont à l'automne au moment ou les feuilles changent de couleur et au printemps quand les feuilles d'arbres se mettent à pousser. Depuis que je prends...

REACTINE  extra strength 24 relief
I only recently started to have allergies when I would go on holidays to the country. This brand was recommended by a physician and I had instant allergy relief right away. No more sneezing, watery eyes or itchy 👃 for me. A definite must have I highly recommend but every...

Reactine Complete Sinus and Allergy
...I have had allergies for as long as I can remember..They can make my life a misery and often do..Hating winter makes me long for those few summer days we get in Canada..But-Boo-Hoo I'm allergic to "Grasses"..I tried other products until I found - Reactine Complete for Sinus...

Reactine Allergy Liquid Gels 24-Hour
I have taken these for a long time now. They are my go to. I am allergic to my cats but refuse to give them up. If I take these before I got to bed and when I wake up i i feel great.

Reactine Allergy Non Drowsy Extra StrengthReacti
I discovered a few years ago that I have developed allergies. Dust, ragweed, trees, grass and dogs (mainly dog hair) I have a German shepherd and I find her hair can easily trigger my allergies and cause it to flare up. I purchased Kirkland allergy pills from Costco and I...

REACTINE COMPLETE Sinus + Allergy Extended Release Tablets
I have seasonal allergies and cat allergies, and though I'd give this a try. Within half an hour, most of my symptoms went away which I was thankful for. However, I noticed one or two symptoms persisted over the next 24 hours. They were far and few between, but I wasn't...

Reactine Allergy Non Drowsy Extra Strength
I am very cautious about what I put in my body as I have had adverse side affects to a lot of allergy medications. So my friend got me to try her reactine extra strength when I was having an allergic reaction well it not only worked but I didn't feel groggy and gross I felt...

Reactine NaturEase
Using NaturEase in each nostril for allergies/ random other nasal problems is, imo, no different than spraying water up your nasal cavities and taking several dollars (loonies here in the great country of Canada) and flinging them out your window. It matters not how well you...