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Sally Hansen

It was in the late 1950s when Sally Hansen, together with her chemist husband, pioneered a nail protection formula called Hard As Nails. They are the number one brand in nail color, and also the number one in nail treatment and the number one in hair removal. Sally Hansen is an innovator in everything beauty; from hand, foot and body care to lip treatment and quality beauty tools.

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Sally Hansen Reviews

Sally Hansen Lip Lacquer for Lips Shine
Not bad , It looks pretty but it’s reeeeaally sticky and doesn’t seem to last for very long before needing to reapply it... I have pets and found that their hair frequently sticks to this gloss .. but it definitely looks pretty!

Sally Hansen Powder Bronzer
I LOVE this bronzer, it's not too warm toned and it's gorgeous on the skin!!!

Sally Hansen Naturally Bare Honey Wax
I bought this hair remover for my face because its for sensitive skin. I love that its made from natural ingredients like honey, sugar, lemon and chamomile. It didn't last up to or near to 8 weeks and I did not like the plastic clear strips it didn't work well for me.

Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen
This product was so terrible, I never got any results with it. I've always dreamt of doing french manicures and thought that this would be a simple solution since I have very shaky hands. This pen is so watered down that the white doesn't show up very well - no matter how many...

Sally Hansen Age Correct No Chip Base and Top Coat
Would not recommend this product , I found that my nails chipped the same as If I hadn’t used anything plus I found it to be a bit expensive considering it’s not a quality name brand

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Luminizing Face Primer
I tried this and liked the end result very much. Made skin smooth and provided a great pallet for my makeup. It made the "just put on" look last all day and my day is very long! Well worth the money. Provides a professional finish to makeup.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Concealer
This concealer is pretty good, it covers up blemishes and imperfections without a problem. Convenient package. Decent range of shades. Goes well with foundation from the same brand.

Sally Hansen Quick Care Clean-Up
I bought this thinking it would be a great tool to clean up polish in near my cuticles or just small oops. It was a waste of money after the first use. Barely any remover soaks the tips and you have to scrub so hard you rip skin. Use the Elmer glue trick or plain old Q-tips to...

Sally Hansen Airbrush Shimmer
Hey everyone I bought this Sally Hansen airbrush legs in a can. It works Really well much better than I expected. I like that soon as u apply it works instantly & just reapply if u want it darker. Very convenient in a spray can. I first used moisturizer & the sprayed my legs&...

Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff Nail Color
This product stays on your fingers forever. I don't even need to use a top coat with it. Just like it says, very tough. Good variety of colors as well.

Sally Hansen All-Over Body Wax Hair Remover
Sally Hansen products are normally one of my favorite products offered available in drugstores. However, this wax kit is the worst one I have ever used. The wax was super sticky that it was ripping the cloth strips that came with this kit. So I had wax stuck on my leg with parts...

Sally Hansen Age Correct Retinol Hand Cream
Did not like at all!! Expected better considering comes from a line of well known hand and nail products, however the product itself did nothing to my hands. No visible results, no results to the feel to the touch. There was no softness, or firmness to the hands that I...

Sally Hansen Wax Hair Remover For Face Extra Strength
I used it for underneath my chin several times and the hair grew back in days. not 5 weeks like it says on the box. and I did EVERYTHING right. I highly DONT suggest this product. Just get electrolisis for facially

Sally Hansen Just Feet
Great staple for your 'get back into summer' routine!