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Sally Hansen

It was in the late 1950s when Sally Hansen, together with her chemist husband, pioneered a nail protection formula called Hard As Nails. They are the number one brand in nail color, and also the number one in nail treatment and the number one in hair removal. Sally Hansen is an innovator in everything beauty; from hand, foot and body care to lip treatment and quality beauty tools.

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Sally Hansen Reviews

Sally Hansen Brush-On Hair Remover for Face
Works great. in 5 minutes I had no more mustache!!! no rash, no pimples and no skin reaction. Better then nair for face. No harsh perfume either.

Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Bamboo Strength
You apply this product as a base coat and let dry. Then you apply your nail colour and let dry. Then you use this product as a top coat. The base and top layers provide extra strengthening power. The only con is the strong odour of nail polish which I don't particularly like. I...

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Ultra-Wear Top Coat
As in the name, it claims to provide a salon perfect finish up to 10 days, guaranteed. I guess that's possible if you have a lot of time to let your nails dry. I am rather impatient and find that once I finish painting my nails, I need a top coat that is shiny, dries fast, and...

Sally Hansen 18 Hour Cracked Heal Cream
It definitely made my cracked heels better and softer. Non-greasy and smells really nice. It worked instantly. Works better when you shower first then rub that sucker into your heels

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen
These Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens work well for making polka dots and other designs on your nails. The key is to apply it on a coating of nail polish and as soon as it dries, to cover it with a top coat. I find the colour stays on fairly well as long as you follow the...

Sally Hansen Color Foil
I love the colours! The problem is that for best results you can't use a base or top coat (I tried, but it will make the colour uneven) and this way in about a day the colour chips and won't last long. For the price you can find a much better quality product, but for me it was...

Sally Hansen Lip Blush Plumping Balm
Not natural looking plump. It caused more discomfort then anything.

Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now
I've always had rough skin around my cuticles, one of the symptoms of being a busy mom! But within a week of using this I found the roughness going away. Its as simple as rubbing in a small drop into the cutlicle, the cream is light and smells wonderful. Let it soak into your...

Sally Hansen Full & Radiant Lip Balm
Great product at a great price. It acts as a lip balm, and plumper, although I don't notice too much plumping. It is just oily enough to apply easily and will keep lips nourished for hours. I have some in my purse, beside my bed, and in the make-up bag. Not waxy at all, and...

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine
Sally Hansen nail polishes is one of my favourite products. And this particular color - Lustre Shine, is no exceptions. After two coats of polish, your nails will look gorgeous. Lovely shape of the bottle and soft bristles on the brush. I love that shimmer, that play colors...

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure - Cuticle Eraser + Balm
My cuticles are always a mess...between a bad habit of chewing them, and multiple hand washing, or hand sanitizer , they are dry, and there always seems to be a dry piece to bug me. I decided to try this, Sally Hansen cuticle eraser. It is a thick product, and takes a couple...

Sally Hansen Pedicure In A Minute
This smells great and gets feet really smooth. The only downside is the film it levels in your shower and or tub.

Sally Hansen Flirty Eyelash Curler
It did what is said it would but it stuck on my lashes sometimes and that made them all stick together so it was a 50/50 love hate for this eyelash curler

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme
I love this stuff, it works really well, although it is kind of sticky and it makes my lipstick apply more sheer and patchy.

Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Polish
This product was very long lasting. I got this in a very emerald green colour. The nail polish lasted long and was very opaque. This nail polish looked very vivid. In love!!!!!!