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Scentsy Reviews

Scentsy Bar - Honeymoon Hideaway
Holy moly this scent is wonderous I currently have it in my bedroom and it's smell is so peacefully romantic. Tip: for longer pay off throw 3 cubes in a warmer I love doing this!

Scentsy Baked Apple Pie Scentsy bar
I recieved these bars for christmas and i absolutely love them. They are true to the flavour. If you want people to think that you baked all day, this scent is for you and it smells so nice in the fall.

Scentsy warmer - Wake Up and Be Awesome plug-in
"Wake up and be awesome" is such a great motivational quote to wake up to each and every day. Especially when you're waking up to a gorgeous smell throughout your house. I have this particular warmer in my bathroom for everyone to see. I got it on sale, and love it! It...

Scentsy room spray
I like scentsy but the room sprays are super good they stick the scent in the room for a while. They have so many scents you can have a scent for every season . The summer month sprays are great. This room spray puts you in the mood of the festive or the season.

Scentsy Buddies
Scentsy Buddies

6 reviews

Scentsy buddies are plush toys that have a scented pak that you get to choose the scent for . They have many different characters and have a new one approximately every few months. They're very soft and are good quality. You can find a scentsy rep near you on their website...

Scentsy Counter Cleaner
This product is amazing, it easily removes spills and food from our counter and tabletop, and even does wonders on stainless steel! I use it to wash my stainless steel sink, and also it takes the fingerprints off of my fridge and dishwasher. Also- it smells delicious!

Scentsy Bar Kids- Jungle Jam
Scentsy has a line of scents geared towards kids and I love them for myself lol . Jungle Jam is no exception . Candied pear , ripe pineapple , strawberries with a dollop of whipped cream . Sounds good. Right ? I like to have jungle jam warming in my room because there's...

Scentsy Bar - Spring Symphony
Spring Symphony makes you think of the first bulbs growing in, the lightness as the temperature slowly starts to warm up. I love this scent because it is light with hints of floral. Use two cubes for a more fragrant approach.

Scentsy Bar- Cherry Limeade
This bar really does smell like cherry lemonade, however the scent fades very quickly. I get about 3-4 hours out of a cube before the scent is gone, and if you don't change the wax right away and leave it burning, this bar leaves a burnt smell behind, unlike most bars that just...

Scentsy bar grape vine
I love scentsy so much and was hoping for this to smell like grapes but honestly it smells like an over fragrant bottle of wine. It's too strong and floral for my liking. Sorry scentsy

Scentsy Just Breathe Scentsy Bar
Bought a scentsy at Christmas for myself and though I love all the scents this is my favourite. The scent of mint and eucalyptus gives my home a refreshing smell and also makes me feel energized. One tiny brick lasts forever and I love the fact that they are all natural products.

Scentsy bar jet set go
Scentsy jet set go smells just like summer ! It smells like tanning oil or lotion. It's one of my favourite scents . I like to use this scent only in the summer because if I use it any other time it will make me sad Becauae it's not summer , lol . All you need is one cube for...

Scentsy Diffusers
My daughter bought me one as a gift and I absolutely love it, very beautiful shade with multi-color lights, the oils smell great and last a long time, makes my whole room smell good.

Scentsy strawberry swirl spray
I bought this for me a few months ago and it is absolutely the most discusting smell I ever smelt I use it now for my daughters room because she likes it.

Scentsy Simply Vanilla
No matter how many different scents I try, I always go back to the Simply Vanilla. It's warm and inviting and just makes home feel a bit cozier. I love walking into my place when it smells like the Simply vanilla Scentsy bar. The scent lasts a long time as well so you aren't...