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Tazo Reviews

Tazo Calm Chamomile Herbal Tea
My teenage daughter has been drinking my stash of camomile tea every day since the beginning of lock down. She makes a cup in the morning when she sits down to start her high school work and another after lunch when she sits down for her virtual classes. She adores it!

Tazo Zen Green Tea
Tazo Zen Green Tea

180 reviews

I buy this product again and again and again. It is not super cheap at regular price, but I will buy 3 or 4 boxes when on sale. It has a refreshing flavour and the perfect combination with the healthy green tea, refreshing mint and just a hint of lemongrass. A definite must buy.

Tazo Refresh Mint Herbal Tea
Tisane à la menthe est un incontournable et toujours rafraîchissant! Un délice à ne pas manquer! Je l’adore et je vous le recommande sans hésitation !

Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate
Tazo teas and lattes are amazing! They always are very well spiced and taste really amazing. I'd reccomend adding a little milk in to make this creamier. It's still a bit sweet, but that's to be expected of instant lattes. But I love how the Chao flavor still comes through

Tazo Organic Chai Black Tea
This is my favourite chai black tea. Perfect blend of tea and spices like pepper cloves and cardamom. Delicious on it’s own with a bit of sugar and milk or you can brew it in milk or non dairy milk. It’s best sweeten with sugar or honey. Perfect any time.

Tazo Passion Herbal Tea
This tea is sooo tasty!!! it is great hot and cold!! I would highly recommend this flavour and brand to anyone. The prices are also great, especially when on sale.

Tazo Earl Grey Tea
Tazo Earl Grey Tea

148 reviews

The Tazo Earl Grey Tea is my tea of choice. My husband loves it too. I love the aroma of the bergamot. It does have a strong taste, therefore, you do not have to steep it too long. I love mine with milk. For a treat, I use a milk frother with a touch of vanilla. I will keep...

Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Tea
This was quite an invigorating tea to try! I loved the subtle sweetness present in the tea and I found putting in a bag of green tea along with this was really awesome since it lent a slightly bitter taste to the tea and was super nice! Don't leave the bag for too long as the...

Tazo Green Ginger Tea
The ginger is very subtle and it adds a little zing to the green tea. It is quite refreshing so I prefer to drink it as an iced tea no sugar needed. Overall, a nice blend as the flavours balance each other out well.

Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea
I am an English Breakfast tea kind of a person no day begins without having one...This tea is one of my go to brands...Love the tea aroma it generates and taste is perfect for my taste buds with the waking up sensation only draw back is that because I drink tea so much i need to...

Tazo sweet cinnamon spice
The Tazo teas are great quality with nice rich flavours. My all time favourite is the sweet cinnamon spice blend. I drink it all year round and love the rich flavour, makes me feel like I’m away somewhere exotic. Its flavour is creamy, yet spicy with a hint of orange, very...

Tazo Iced Passion Herbal Tea Concentrate
Tazo tea is my favourite tea. It's always my first cup of tea in the morning. I find that the fruit flavours are quite strong which is exactly what I'm looking for. It has been missing in my local grocery store for the last month or so - looking forward to having it again.

Tazo Green Tea Latte Concentrate
J adore ce the et je le recommande a tous. La saveur est tres bien dose et parfaite pour une tasse de grandeur normale. Je le racheterai a coup sur .

Tazo Vanilla Rooibos Tea
This is my favourite Tazo tea! The flavour works well on its own, as well as with any type of milk (dairy, soy, almond, etc.) if you want to have a more "latte"-like experience - without all the calories. Sometimes I add a little honey to sweeten, but it's even good without it...

Tazo Chai Classic Tea
I was never a big Chai drinker till I tried Tazo’s Chai Tea. It has a very bold flavour with underlying sweetness. I have never had the need to add sugar as the flavour by itself is enough. Definitely will buy this product again.