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Tazo Reviews

Tazo Zen Green Tea
I was so bummed when Starbucks stopped selling this tea. This is actually my favourite tea flavour! I now buy boxes of it and still bring it to Starbucks to get their hot water. Hhaha, I should probably not admit that! But I buy this tea quite regularly. It is light and...

Tazo Calm Chamomile Herbal Tea
It's a nice calming tea with a mild chamomile tea flavour that I drink before bedtime and occasionally give it to my toddler, it is super mild. Honestly, it tastes just like any other chamomile tea on the grocery shelf but a little pricier. Nice packaging though. The only reason...

Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Tea
You guys! This is so delicious! My coworker has gotten me hooked on this tea. I literally can’t stop drinking it and am drinking it all day. Hot, lukewarm, cold. Don’t care. Add a little honey and you’re good to go! Can’t wait to try this as an iced tea and I also want...

Tazo Organic Chai Black Tea
This is a great option if you love those chai lattes from Starbucks. The hints of cinnamon, clove, etc all come through and if you add the dollop of milk you've got yourself a homemade version of a latte.

Tazo Refresh Mint Herbal Tea
I really like this tea. It’s minty and refreshing and helps warm you up on a cold day or ease an upset stomach when you have a stomach ache. I also drink this tea after I’ve had a big meal and I believe it helps my digestion. I definitely recommend this product. You can buy...

Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate
Let’s face it...nothing compares to a freshly made chai tea latte from your favourite barista! But for those times that I can’t get out, (or afford it) I enjoy making a latte at home. This Tazo chai tea concentrate is very delicious. It’s quick to prepare (just add milk...

Tazo Passion Herbal Tea
Love this tea blend and we mix things up in the warmer weather by drinking it iced and adding some lemonade for our our Starbucks drinks at home. Flavourful, and herbal so the kids can drink it too. Great alternative to juice 😊

Tazo Earl Grey Tea
I love earl grey tea, it’s like a comfort cup of tea, especially with the aroma of the bergamot in it. It brews well and and tastes good and isn’t bad as I’ve always had liptons . It’s definitely a good one to keep in reserve.

Tazo Green Ginger Tea
This tea will help you with upset stomach! Each time I feel weird after a meal I drink this tea and it fixes everything! Plus I like the taste! It could be cheaper.

Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea
Tazo Awake tea, i would be sleep walking through life without you. Im a 10 cups of coffee a day mom but, I hate the taste of coffee. I have tried all the teas before this one, none did the job though. My hubby came home with the Tazo tea and ive been drinking it ever since. I...

Tazo Green Tea Latte Concentrate
J adore ce the et je le recommande a tous. La saveur est tres bien dose et parfaite pour une tasse de grandeur normale. Je le racheterai a coup sur .

Tazo Iced Passion Herbal Tea Concentrate
I love drinking the passion tea hot in the winter, and found the concentrate at Costco one day! I mix it with water & lemon, or club soda! Its the perfect drink in the summer if you want something a little bit more exciting than water without all the sugar/caffeine.

Tazo Vanilla Rooibos Tea
This is by far my favourite Tazo tea. The vanilla taste really comes through. This comes in the big pyramid tea bag so it's very flavourful and can make a good solid cupful.

Tazo Chai Classic Tea
I drink A LOT of tea and I get bored with the same old thing. I like to spice up my routine with some Tazo Chai tea. Chai tea tastes great with cream and sugar. Sometimes I will also use this as an iced chai tea- LOVE it! Buying these specialty teas in coffee shops cost an arm...

Tazo Joy Tea
Tazo Joy Tea

1 review

This tea by Tazo is out only at Christmas time each year. it is a jubilant blend of black tea, oolong, jasmine, green tea and hints of peach. The tea bag is a silk sachet bag filled to the top with tea leaves. It comes in a decorative tin and contains 15 sachets. Each tea bag...