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Twinings Reviews

Twinings Lady Grey Tea
i wish i could find the loose leaf version, sadly only the bagged is sold in my area. i love this tea, it is subtle and delicious. especially with a splash of soymilk and a bit of sweetener.

Twinings chamomile tea
I am in love with twinings chamomile tea. It is so silky, rich in texture. The taste is like heaven. The aroma lifts me off the ground. This is the best chamomile I have tried. Very high quality and so good for your health. Would repurchase over and over.

Twinings Herbal Tea in Pomegranate & Raspberry
A nice sweet but not too sweet truly berry-tasting tea. I do not pick up much pomegranate. To my pallet this tastes like watered down black and red wine gums, with far less sugar of course. I like having this both hot and over ice. I will say that the teabags themselves do not...

Twinings Sleep Spiced Apple & Vanilla with Camomile & Passionflowers
This tea is delicious!! It has a really lovely taste and I find it very easy to drink! If you want a stronger taste leave your tea bag in for at least 5 minutes but personally the recommended 3 minuets is perfect for Me! NOT only is this tea so delicious it genuinely helps me...

Twinings Earl Grey Tea
I love this tea bag because it's so simple and soothing. I've never been good at it. mixing my own herbs into tea so I always buy this brand. It's so simple and easy to use but has so much flavor. I have tried so many of their different teas and this one is one of my favorites...

Twinings Camomille Pure Tea
My husband and I both love drinking this tea at night to wind down at the end of the day. it tastes so relaxing and smooth yet very effective. After drinking this tea, I wake up fresh in the morning.

Twinings Berry blush infusion
I love this tea when it's made hot and cold. It's sweet and fruity. Love having it all season round. Doesn't last long in my household, everyone enjoys drinking it.

Twinings Exotic Mango and Ginger Green Tea
Thank goodness for the Canadian penchant for borrowing other cultures, because this tea is enough to make me grateful for the wonderful melting pot that is our country. It's sweet on its own, one bag is enough for two sequential 12 oz cups or one large 1.5L thermos, and the...

Twinings loose gunpowder green tea
We're fans of many different types of teas and herbal teas. Twinings offers a great assortment and the loose gunpowder green tea is so delicious. Easy to drink more than 1 cup! Very tasty and no bitter aftertaste.

Twinings Peppermint and Creamy Vanilla Tea
I've tried this a few times now at work (cafe shop) I love mint so an added bonus. It's one of their teas which you end up leaning over the mug breathing in the smell while you wait for it to cool down.

Twinings Lemon Ginger Tea
I drink lemon-ginger tea almost every night because it's the only thing I swear by to ward off colds, coughs and fevers. I bought the Twinings brand when Superstore was (I'm guessing) waiting for new stock to come in because most shelves were almost empty. I've tried almost...

Twinings Classics English Breakfast Tea
I drink a lot of tea which is why I like this product. I wouldn't say it is the greatest tea I've ever had but for a everyday tea, it is fine. It is very light and easy to drink when you're on the go. There isn't much depth to it though.

Twinings Green Tea Lemon
Twinings is a big brand making tea. There aren't many lemon tea bag in the market. Twinings is the only choice. The taste is a bit light, add a little honey is a nice combination

Twinings of London Chai Decaffeinated tea
I wana try this tea because my parents have heart issue and they try different brand of decaff tea they didn't like them and they always wana try new one. Even doctor also recommend them to drink decaff tea. I beleive this tea is really gud I already check some recommendations.

twinings chai tea
First of all, I have not tried many Masala Chai (Chai tea). I recently got into drinking this and was recommended this product. After trying this, and now two others I can say that this is by far the best one I have had. The aromatics, and the taste with frothed milk is just...