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Vitafusion Reviews

Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins
I’m a year out from my surgery and these help me with all my vitamins make my life a lot easier I absolutely love all things vitafusion I also take there calcium it’s my favorite!!

Vitafusion MultiVites Gummies
I have been chewing Vitafusion MultiVites Gummies for decades. Their new packaging looks more colorful and festive. The natural berry, peach and orange Flavors are as delish as ever. Just two gummies a day provide the full amount of vitamins and minerals that I require. I will...

Vitafusion Multivites Complete Multivitamin Berry Peach, and Orange
This multivitamin has all the essential vitamins adults need daily. As a woman, sometimes I lack certain vitamins that l need. I take these vitamins as a supplement daily. They are easy to chew as it is a gummy. They do taste good and do not have an after taste. The only...

Vitafusion Beauty Sleep
I like this brand, so I decided to try the sleep supplement. It has a small dose of melatonin and it does work to get me to sleep. Unfortunately, I have not had much success to stay asleep. They are a gummy, and are easy to chew. Vitafusion is a reputable brand and are known for...

Vitafusion Sleepwell Gummy Melatonin
I was recommended these by the daughters doctor. At 9 she’s never slept well. After she started taking these and I saw the immediate, positive effect it had on her I started giving them to the entire family. It helps all of my kids sleep and even myself when I use to rely on...

Vitafusion Womens Gummy Vitamins
Vita fusion women's multivitamin is a great supplement for women to take daily. I like that they are easy to chew as they are gummies and soft. They have a good flavour and tastes like mixed berries. The only downfall is that these vitamins have quite a bit of sugar.

Vitafusion Energy B12 Gummy Vitamins
I take these vitamins daily and have to take the gummy ones due to bariatric surgery I had 4 years ago. They taste really good for a vitamin to be honest. I'm a big texture person and these remind me of real fruit gummies. Very tasty and good for your health.

Vitafusion for men gummies
Hi everyone I started buying theses for my bf and the womnens for myself 6+ mths ago and am very pleased with the product. Price and quality in one. Theses taste great awhile making sure you have the vitamins minerals u need,that we don't always get from food.., I definitely...

Vitafusion prenatal gummies
I would always forget to take my prenatal vitamins because they were boring pills, so I switched to these and I stopped forgetting and didn’t want to go back to normal vitamins after my daughter arrived. I only switched back to normal for budget reasons

Vitafusion vitamin D3 adult Gummy vitamins
This is the best vitamin D on the market. Recently my doctor advised me that I was low on vitamin D and I hate taking pills. My husband saw this at Walmart and bought it for me to try and I’ll never go back to my other pills. I love the taste of it and I love the fact that...

Vitafusion Calcium adult gummies
I use the vita fusion adult calcium gummies and love them. The taste is great and they are easy to eat. I don't drink milk so it gives me the required calcium I need.

Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummies
I enjoy the taste, easy to swallow. They give you all the vitamins you need. I would definitely recommend to friends , family and neighbours. I really enjoy the way they make me feel.

Vitafusion Power C Gummy Vitamins
These gummys are great I'm very picky when it comes to my vitamins. Infact I always hated taking them until I came across these. They taste great. It's as if I'm eating a real orange.