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100% Natural Salmon Collagen Powder Reviews

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    March 09, 2018

    Good product!

    In the past few months, I’ve been feeling aches and pains in my joints. Argh! What’s worse, I started to ‘hear’ my knees! Yup, that cracking sound when I exercise! And, I actually feel pain in my left knee.

    After doing EXTENSIVE research on the topic of arthritis (runs in my family), I decided to try the Salmon Fish Powder – 100% Natural Collagen by Salcoll Collagen. At CAD$95 a jar for a month supply, the product does not come cheap!

    But – I’m all about natural products and this thing seemed to be close to perfection. No chemicals used in the extraction process. Completely natural and of the highest purity. Non-animal origin, easily absorbable and safe. The company indicates that ‘Salcoll Collagen contains 98.2% bioactive marine collagen, in comparison with meager 7% of other brands.’

    All the other collagen products out there come from animal origin so it’s hard for our bodies to absorb them, hence, they don’t have the best effects. Apparently this particular product is derived in such a way that it allows collagen to retain its active form without losing valuable properties. Without going into scientific details (mainly because I’m no expert!!), let me just say that I decided to see if this salmon collagen was really as 100% as they claim;)

    Salmon Fish Powder – 100% Natural Collagen promises so many benefits – from healing herniated and bulging discs, osteoporosis and hyperpigmentation of the skin, to aiding weight loss, reducing joint pain, slowing down aging (collagen, hello!), and many others!

    For me, it is mostly the joint pain I focused on, but hey, if it makes my skin look better – all the power!

    So here I go! I got a three month supply from Amazon. You can also get it directly from the company website or from a few retailers (you can find all the info at https://www.salmoncollagen.com/).

    The directions call for a scoop of collagen (scoop included) to be mixed with a cup of water and to be consumed first thing in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach.

    Month 1

    The first month of taking collagen was mainly spent on remembering to take it! They say you need 21 days to make something a habit;) The taste is just a bit tangy – you can taste lemon. IT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE FISH!

    Am I feeling any effects the first month? Towards the end of the month, I realize I can do more quads without feeling the pain. Just luck? Who knows. I’m optimistic at this point. No changes in my skin. I break out sometimes and I was hoping to see some positive results, but no luck there so far.

    Month 2

    I’m in month 2 of my collagen journey! I feel great, but I’m not attributing it all to the Salmon Fish Powder. My knee seems to be doing well, but I do still feel some pain, as per usual. My skin looks good, but no HUGE difference.

    Month 3

    Here we go – the month of truth! I’ve been taking salmon collagen for 3 months now. Effects are positive – my knee is doing quite well. I can do more exercise without feeling any pain. It did take a while for it to ‘kick in’ but I can say it did work. My skin feels great too. Overall results are quite optimistic.

    I did climb the CN Tower while taking the product, so that’s very promising, if you ask me;)

    I would use this product for another month at least to continue seeing positive results. Better than taking medication, that’s for sure!

    The product does come at a high cost and it does take a while to start working. Although some reviews claim it works within a week for some individuals, the company does indicate that ‘the treatment should last at least 4 months a year.

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