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100 Ovulation Test Strips & 20 Aimstrip Pregnancy Test Strips Reviews


BabyHopes ovulation prediction test strips help you pinpoint your LH surge which is the precursor to ovulation. Our tests will show a positive result at 20 mIU/ml LH.

Once the surge is detected, you will ovulate within 24 to 36 hours. Knowledge of this information will help you time intercourse for the highest chances of conceiving.

The Aimstrip pregnancy test strips can confirm pregnancy as early as 6- 8 days past ovulation due to their high sensitivity (20 mIU/ml hCG) in detecting human hCG. To help lower the chances of a false negative, the best time to test would be at 9 or 10 days past ovulation.

Detailed testing instructions will be included with your purchase.

The strip format of these tests require that you collect your urine in a clean container and then dip the tests into the urine.

You will not be able to urinate directly onto the test strips.

Limitations of the BabyHopes Ovulation Test Strips

The test works only if the instructions are followed precisely. The LH One-Step Ovulation Test Strip should not be used for contraception.

Some prescription drugs, such as menotropins may affect the test result. Certain rare medical conditions or the onset of menopause can cause elevated levels of LH. Some women do not ovulate every cycle and they will not see any increase in the level of LH hormone during these non-ovulating cycles. Women with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) may not get reliable results from ovulation tests. Please check with your doctor if you are unsure.

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