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    February 05, 2016

    For the past decade, I have been batteling chronic back pain, and more recently, I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my foot. I have tried physical therapy, chiropractic alignments, yoga, heat and ice therapies, trigger point injections, epidermal injections, electrical stimulation, acupuncture, and an infinite amount of prescription and over the counter pills, creams, and patches. Through all of that, I much prefer to use creams, as they tend to have the least amount of side effects and provide instant relief. Several people, both those dealing with pain management and doctors, have told me to try Arnica, an active ingredient in this Activene product. Thus, when I was presented with fortunate opportunity to receive this Activene product at a discounted rate in exchange for my completely honest review, I jumped at the chance.

    This Activene did provide me gives with some decent and quick relief. However, the biggest negative I have to report is the VERY strong, menthol scent. While most every topical pain-relieving product does have an unpleasant odor, this was by far the strongest out of the at least half a dozen or so products I have tried. Furthermore, this scent didn’t dissipate over time, as some of the other “vanishing scent” products I have tried. This scent stuck on my hands after application, even following 3 intensive hand-washing sessions, with 2 different soaps. Be really careful with accidently rubbing or touching your eyes after applying this product, even after thorough washing, as it stings quite a bit.

    If you can get past the overpowering scent of this product, the pain relief is noticeable and beneficial, but unfortunately not long lasting. It relieved my arthritis foot pain for about 2 hours, and my back pain for about 25 minutes. Most other topical products don’t last much longer than this, so I would say this is on par.

    In addition to the Arnica ingredient, I love that this product is aloe based, as it is soothing to the skin. This product glides on easily and absorbs quickly. It is somewhat greasy, but did not stain my clothes or anything else it came into contact with. I am also intrigued with the MSM ingredient, as this is usually an oral supplement used for its anti-informatory properties.

    Another non-prescription product I can recommend is Tiger Balm. While Tiger Balm does not have MSM or Arnica, it works better and lasts longer (both in the jar and for pain relief in between applications) than any other topical ointment/gel/cream I have used thus far, Rx included.

    Overall this Activene is a decent is a product, and may be worth trying for anyone with chronic pain or for temporary soreness or sprains- as long as they can tolerate the powerful, lingering, scent.

    + Made in the USA
    + Contains Arnica, MSM, Aloe, and other pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, and skin soothing ingredients.
    + Non-Staining
    + Absorbed Quickly
    + Glides on Smoothly

    - Very Powerful, Stinging, Lingering, Unpleasant Scent

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