Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Cocoon, Shadow Stripe Reviews

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Arms Reach 5200-SS The Cocoon Shadow Stripe

Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon! Help baby sleep better, with this breakthrough hammock sleeper! It continues the feeling of the womb, so newborns?especially preemies?feel more secure. It cradles baby closely and gently sways in response to baby?s movement. That gentle motion not only soothes but improves digestion, so it?s ideal for fussy babies. And because the back is adjustable, it?s a great solution for little ones with colic or reflux. Naturally stimulates and entertains baby while awake. Facilitates nap time. Physician recommended. Includes safety harness, deluxe fitted sheet, and soft hanging toys.Imported.

Arms Reach 5200-SS The Cocoon Shadow Stripe Features:

  • Great for all babies but ideal for preemies and fussy babies! Soothes and comforts, while easing stomach aches, gas pains, colic and acid reflux.
  • Adjust the back for baby's comfort. Many moms recline the back for nap time, and incline the back so baby can see the world when awake.
  • Upright, it not only eases gas and reflux, but guards against flattening of the back of the head.
  • Babies learn to control the hammock's sway with their own body movements, which entertains while encouraging physical activity
  • A soft harness keeps baby safely in position
  • May be moved easily around the house; metal frame disassembles easily for travel
  • Linens are made of cotton, polyester, and hemp organic cotton. Hand wash cool and air dry.
  • 10-minute assembly

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