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Baby Balm - 0.75 oz - Balm Reviews


I 've recently taken a healthy, though somewhat obsessive, liking to the Baby Balm. I know I'm no baby, but I've grown attached to the earthy scent and the mildness of the formula. I use it as a pre-shave, I put a little in my hands and rub it into my hair, and I use it on my sore shoulder. My daughter Emily (now 24) uses it for a lip balm on occasion. But let's get to the baby stuff. Chamomile and Calendula are safe and calming for babies. This balm is very effective in treating diaper rash and cradle cap. It can also be used for a calming baby massage and for a gentle baby belly rub. A hint about using body care products on babies: Read the label and avoid products with chemical ingredients. (No chemicals in our stuff... just the pure and simple ingredients we've listed.) Dear Badgers, I was given a tin of Badger Baby Balm at my baby's shower. Honestly, I wasn't really sure what or where I was supposed to use it. After the baby was born, I used it everywhere - on his cradle cap, his baby acne, and on his diaper area. As soon as I noticed cradle cap developing I rubbed Baby Balm into my baby's scalp after every bath. It really "nipped it in the bud." The Baby Balm cleared up the existing cradle cap and prevented it from getting worse. I have to say I think the most dramatic

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