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Bionaire Cool Mist Tower Humidifier Reviews
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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    May 11, 2017

    I enjoy this humidifier. The price was decent and I feel it goes above and beyond my expectations for a humidifier. I like the style of filter it has as well

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    November 26, 2014

    I decided to go with the Bionaire cool mist tower humidifier over other similar options at Walmart because the price tag was decent ($98) and I liked the look of it, as well as the advertised "washable long-life filter." They apparently last 3x longer than other filters, and since you're supposed to 'replace' your filter every 30 days, this sounded like a good idea (and a good savings) to me.

    I feel like I take more of a chance with a cool mist humidifier since they provide invisible moisture, so it's hard to tell if it's working unless you see the water level go down, or feel the difference in the room.

    I just bought it today so I will update this review after I give this more of a chance. I like the feature of the 48 hour run time and the handle in the tank (I knew from reading multiple reviews on humidifiers to make sure the tank either had a handle or a flat base to easily sit on the bottom of a tub or sink for filling). The tower itself looks very sleek and modern. Although I do find it hard to see the water level when the whole thing is black. Would have been nice to have maybe an LED indicator for where the water level is.

    I find the Bionaire Cool Mist Tower Humidifier to be very, very quiet. Surprisingly quiet, actually. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. On 'Turbo' (the highest setting) it sounds like your standard fan. Not horribly loud and you can easily fall asleep to it if you can fall asleep to the sound of an air conditioner running at night. On 'High' it's a dramatic drop in sound, and on 'Low' you can't hear it at all. I actually have to strain to hear it on High.

    From the very few reviews I did manage to find online about this model (BCM7932P-CN) people have stated that the humidity reader isn't very accurate. I expected this since it's reading the humidity level in the vicinity of the tank, and not the room itself. You'd be better off buying a Hygrometer to get a more accurate reading. As it stands, the reading was 27% and it's still reading that now after several hours of being on. So I'm thinking the reviews were right on this.

    Some basic specs:
    - tank is 1.5 gallons
    - programmable digital humidistat
    - 3 fan speeds
    - up to 48 hour run time (they base this off you running it on Low)
    - comes with and is designed for the 3x washable filters
    - 24 hour timer (you can set it to run for only 8 hours for example, while you sleep)
    - filter change indicator light (I have heard that this can sometimes be faulty on certain machines, it'll tell you it needs to be changed, but when you look at the filters they're still pristine)
    - uses Filter F (BWF2002P-CN)

    Based on the performance so far, I do recommend the Bionaire Cool Mist Tower Humidifier. I will update this review after putting this machine through some real solid use.

    Updated On: December 02, 2014

    Edit (Dec. 2)
    So I've had this for 6 days now and can't say I'm all that impressed. Apparently it is a common complaint that the humidistat doesn't work. I saw first hand proof of that since for about 5 days straight while running all day the humidity reader kept saying '25' to '27'. Then one day it suddenly jumped to 40. Then the same day it was back down to 30 and now it's again at 27. So the reading obviously does not work. Disappointed with that since I feel like you pay extra money for this feature.

    The very first day I turned this on it was quiet, quiet, quiet. The second day, actually that very night after having run it for several hours, my husband and I noticed it was slightly louder. In no way a deal breaker, but it was most definitely noticeable with the fan noise. Still super quiet though.

    So... don't think I'll return this because I like the fact that I only have to fill it up every other day. I also like how quiet it is, and it's a pretty sleek looking machine. I haven't noticed too much difference myself in terms of cutting down on congestion, but I am pregnant. My husband said he's noticed a slight improvement. In all honesty, I bought the Bionaire Cool Mist Tower Humidifier with a gift card given to me, so I can't say for sure if I would honestly go out and buy this again with my own money knowing what I do now. I'll still recommend it because it is a very quiet machine and it does the job. It's just missing a few key points, like having a humidistat reader that actually works.

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