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Black & White Bleaching Cream Reviews

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    February 01, 2012

    So I initially bought this product to fade the EXTREME dark circles under my eyes. Ever seen pictures of Kim K. without makeup? MY dark circles make hers look like she has a full face of makeup on. I mean, its serious business! I read in the Amazon reviews that it was extremely effective at fading acne spots as well as dark under eye circles. I was pretty excited about this. Got a lot of freckles? Don't like them? Well evidently this works for that too. Anyway, I ordered the stuff and when it got here I let it sit for a long time without opening it. What can I say? The box looked so retro I doubted I would even be somewhat satisfied.

    I've suffered with acne since I was 11 years old. I'm 23 now and rarely have a breakout but I get one or two pimples ever month and often times they leave that light red mark when they eventually go down in size. I also have those same acne marks on my cheeks and nose that prevent me from ever being confident about my skin without makeup. If I'm not wearing concealer I pretty much look like I have acne all over my face, except there's no actual blemishes on my skin, just a light red or pink dot where I had one years ago. After one particular breakout around my mouth I noticed that the spot left behind was a brown color. It was really noticeable and hard to cover up even with heavy makeup. So, I pulled out the bleach cream.

    First thing I noticed: the cream was not oily AT ALL! No greasy residue left behind, no lotion like texture to it. It simply went on like a moisturizer and made my skin feel really good.

    I'll admit I was a little put off by the smell because it literally smelled like something my grandmother would have put on before bed, but I went with it.

    I started using it twice a day on the spot as well as on my cheeks and under my eyes. To me my skin looked clearer but I thought maybe its just because I wanted it to.

    Then my husband and I had to run out one day and I didn't have time to put on any makeup. Now, he's a good man and is really good to compliment me all the time, which is why I don't mind being makeup free in front of him, but sometimes I can tell when he just tells me I look pretty just to make me feel good. We were in the middle of talking and out of no where he just said "Your face looks really pretty today."

    I was kind of speechless. That's just not the way he would normally word that. I asked why and he said he didn't know, it just kind of looked like I had makeup on even though he knew I didn't put any on.


    That was honestly the very first time I received a compliment like that when I didn't have makeup on.

    Now I NEVER miss a day with this stuff!
    It hasn't done too much to drastically fade my under eye circles but what it has done for my acne marks is a MIRACLE, honestly!

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