BRAND NEW Memory Foam Pillow 5.3lb Density BREAST FEEDING NURSING PILLOW Reviews


This Best Nursing Pillow is great for when nursing baby, helping baby to sit, a place for baby to lounge and baby can use it for tummy time. The number one product new moms said they couldn't live without. With a zip on the cover makes frequent washing child's play. A comfortable nursing position relieves muscle strain and C-section discomfort. Prop baby up after feeding to reduce reflux symptoms. The 5.3lb density memory foam Best Nursing Pillow is the the best Comfort Pillow for all Travellers all over the world. The High Density Memory Foam pillow is made of NASA developed foam of 100-percent high density visco elastic, non-allergenic, anti-bacterial polyurethane foam. The temperature-sensitive foam conforms to your individual shape, gently cradling your baby's head and neck, while disbursing heat and moisture. Materials: 100% 5.3lb Density Visco Elastic memory foam. Enjoy the Comfort and Support of high density Memory Foam... and your baby will fall in love with a pillow that is designed to conform to your baby

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