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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    June 04, 2016

    Another great product from Bright Outdoors!

    I received these lights, and was a bit confused when I looked at the box – no instructions. There were not instructions inside either – so I winged it and figured out what the different accessories were for.

    The attached snap is explanatory – it snaps to your clothing or onto the arm band that is included (make sure it’s right side up, or the light will fall off).

    The rubber bit loops into itself – it’s too small and not stretchy enough for our bike seat posts, however, it does work around the dogs’ collars, so I feel that is its purpose. The loop stays put during our normal walks – I have not yet ventured into the wild with the pups to see if it stays in place while they are romping through fields and forests though.

    The lights have 4 settings – white light flashing or not flashing and red light flashing or not flashing.

    I absolutely LOVE that the lights are rechargeable with the 2 short USB cords included – this means they will last until we either misplace them, or they break. I

    I will also take these on our next camping trip later on this month – perfect to strap onto the armband and use while going to the washroom in the dark, or to ensure we know where the pups are when it is dark out.

    They are also good back up lights while cycling or walking the pups at dusk – they have become a staple at our front door now for efficient use.

    They are water resilient, which is great – for either rain or sweat during an extended ride or humid walk.
    Overall, these have impressed me in a short period of time – we normally go through at least 2 LED lights (non chargeable) for the dogs each year as they just stop working, so to have the relief that we can recharge these and not waste our money on lights that don’t last long at all, is priceless.
    *** I received this product at a reduced or no cost for my fair and fabulous review ***

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