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    May 17, 2012

    Bubble White is a nail cleaner/whitener that I purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply.

    I decided to try this product because I had gotten some staining from a blue polish. This also stained the skin around my nails as well My nails were practically green! plus I already had some other yellow discolouring from constantly wearing polish. The first photo is the before photo.

    The instructions were pretty simple, empty the contents of the bag in to a small amount of warm water, put your fingers in and wait 10 minutes.

    After 10 minutes I scrubbed my nails with a brush and washed my hands with soap. From what I can remember I felt like I had some sort of film on my skin, kind of slippery? I also noticed that my nails looked like they had been eaten away at, if that makes sense. Not in a bad way, like the powder ate away at the stains. I gave my nails a quick buff an the second photo is how they looked after.

    What do you think, a little better right? In the last picture you can still see some blue on my fingers, but that washed right off afterwords. Thre is still a little yellowing at the tips of some nails, but not as bad as before.

    I have tried this again, not for polish staining but mostly for nail yellowing and it didn't really do much :( I would say that this does work if you have discoloring from a dark polish that you can visibly see after removal.

    *I tried to post the best photos I could get, but it is still hard to see the before and after difference. It was more apparent in person.

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