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Color club nail polish Reviews
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    April 10, 2020
    Pennsylvania, United States

    Color club Nail polish ( tester bag )

    Ok so let me start off by stating I'm not the most experienced person at nail polish application as you can pretty much see in my pictures lol. I do love wearing nail polish but never had the skill of making it look flawless and so manicured and believe me it is a skill. Anyway I was very excited and a little intimidated when I was chosen to review this nail polish tester bag. I'm glad I was one of the chosen few to test out this brand because these nail polishes are fantastic. These nail polishes have a nice rich color to them. To be honest you probably could get away with applying one coat with most of them but I would recommend two if you want to get that gorgeous vibrant color to pop. Each color has their own unique feel about them. Overall I got so many compliments from friends and family every time I changed my nail color. Each polish comes in this gorgeous glass bottle. The brush applicator seems like a typical nail polish applicator that you would see in most nail polish. Though the brush can make all the difference I personally feel like what makes this polish so good and easy to apply is the formula. The polish goes on evenly and doesn't clump up like other polishes I have used. One key attribute I absolutely love about this nail polish is how fast it dries. I'm not joking when I tell you it literally dries down within a min or two. Not only making the application process less time consuming but also making it easier to apply a second coat without the polish looking clumpy or uneven on my nails. I'm a very impatient person lol and one of the main problems I have with painting my nails is waiting for the polish to dry all the way. I will literally sit there and put so much time into it and ultimately mess them up because I can't sit still for longer than five minutes waiting for them to dry. So with that said the best thing about this nail polish is how quickly the polish dries down and second would be the vibrant colors. I received five different colors in the color club tester bag.

    Martian Martian Martian: A gorgeous Sage green color ❤️❤️ The name fits this nail polish well lol. This was actually my favorite color out of all five nail polishes. It looks so beautiful on my nails and just has a very subtle vibrancy to it.

    Feeling under the Weather: This bluish/grey shade has a nice glossy finish to it. It is more on the opaque side of nail colors and seems perfect for those who like more neutral and subtle nail polish colors. This nail color didn't necessarily peek my interest to much I seem to like more vibrant eye catching colors. But overall it applies evenly and has nice rich color payoff.

    Yes of Quartz: So this was my second favorite nail polish out of the five. When I say this polish has a gorgeous finish like omg. It is considered to be a sheer coverage nail polish and have a white iridescent color. It dries down iridescent as well. What really made this color stand out for me was the finishing look. It has this silver glitter appeal to it but reflects a pink sort of shimmer when it hits the light. This color REALLY POPS when the sun hits it. Like if your your for a eye catching nail polish colors this would definitely be my recommendation. I honestly have never came across a color so beautiful 😍.

    Gobbler Gobbler: This nail polish is a very vibrant neon peach color with pink, coral, and orange hues. It has a glossy finish and honestly is VIBRANT & EYE CATCHING. Now I will state that I had a little trouble with this polish along the lines of application. It is very liquidity and is a little hard to control while applying. You will need to apply quite a few coats to get that rich color because it goes on very thin. I was actually a little surprised when I came across this polish because all the rest were super easy and convenient with the application process. I had so much trouble applying this nail polish but thankfully it does dry down quickly like all the rest and ultimately the color is to die for.

    Matte-erial Girl: This nail polish is a beautiful rose gold color that dries down matte. This polish has a nice thick rich color to it and has a gorgeous frosted matte finish. I've always been a fan of rose gold to be honest I just can't get enough of it and this nail polish is no exception. This was actually the first polish I reached for to try and I was extremely satisfied with the ending results. This would be a color I would more so wear on a regular basis. It usually is the kind of shade I go for. Overall it applies fantastically and looks gorgeous once dry.

    In conclusion I personally feel these nail polishes are well worth the price tag they have. They are excellent quality and are in a very affordable price range. My favorite brand in nail polish was essie before I tried color club and to be quite frank I think my opinion has swayed. These polishes are really good 🙌🏻🙌🏻 They have gorgeous rich vibrant colors, they apply smoothly and easily, they dry down exceptionally fast, and they last for a good bit of time on my nails. Which is saying something because I work with my hands a lot and my nail polish hardly ever lasts on my finger nails but this polish surely held its own so I'm impressed. I've already been on their website to scope out some other shades I want to try and can I just say they have an amazing collection of different nail colors. I feel like theirs something for everyone. This brand definitely lives up to the name The Color Club 💯💯

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