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DailyWise Extra Large Vacuum Storage Bags Variety 10 Pack Reviews

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    July 06, 2019
    Quebec, Canada

    Makes items more compact, but not as well as I expected

    I don’t know if I received a faulty set of bags, but I had a lot of problems with these. They’re ok, just not as great as previous ones I’ve used. So here’s the deal, usually when you use vacuum bags, they suction air out a ton and become all small, crunchy and basically empty of air. I thought being thicker and seemingly better quality, that these would be way better than my old ones. That was not the experience I had.

    Firstly, the zipper wouldn’t work well for me at all. I tried running it over slowly, quickly, every which way. Nothing. We actually had to close the bags by hand. So that was already a disappointment. Then no matter how long I vacuumed, it never became ‘empty’ and like super, super compressed. Maybe it’s not great with a handheld vacuum (dyson), but I followed the instructions exactly. I would try my shop vac, but I don’t think most people have a shop vac just sitting around the house.

    So my thinking was that the bags were too thick to become fully compressed. But then, I see other reviews got it to work, so I really am not sure if mine had a problem. They worked ok and made the stuff smaller for storage, but it just never got as extreme as I expected, or did it as well as pictured for other reviewers. It’s also weird that they didn’t put the suction section up in the ‘stop’ area, where no contents would block the suction.

    I do like that you get a lot of bags in this pack in two sizes, but it’s quite expensive and didn’t work well enough for me to give it a higher rating.

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