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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    February 17, 2017

    I got a few of these bras to wear at home during my maternity leave. They looked more comfortable than a sports bra for longer use, and they are.

    I got them in two different sizes because i have an odd bra size and couldn't figure out which would be better for me. They both fit and perform very much the same. The material and construction are very stretchy, so for me the smaller size fit a bit better, and there was less chafing between the back strap and the arm. They go wide in the back vertical strap almost as much as the front.

    Comfort aside, if you are cursed with anything larger than a C cup, this is not a bra to be seen in public with. At most it will provide some minimal movement reduction. It is great for sleeping and lounging in. There is no support at all. There is some sort of removable insert that is supposed to provide a shape or extra coverage... It's pretty bad and better if not used at all. The bra doesn't provide any separation between the ladies, so you'll have to up the hygiene a bit.

    Needs to be washed frequently. It washes easily, all of them have held up great so far.

    I would recommend it for home and sleep use.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    March 08, 2015

    I bought the 3 pack of Genie bras in my area store. To me, they are great. No wires or those small straps cutting into your shoulders.

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    September 09, 2011

    You know those nights when you just.can’t.get.to.sleep…ya we all have them..well mine led to the purchase of….The Genie Bra

    Yup…I did it. Still can’t believe I did it. I know there are skeptics out there who say…”It looks like a cheap sports bra”. I thought so at first as well when I saw the first commercial. Yes, it looks like a sports bra but it has many magical powers.

    What is Genie Bra?

    Genie Bra is a more comfortable bra option that was developed to make women feel better and look great. It is made with seamless & wireless materials, and offers many benefits to women no matter what your size. The bra comes in 3 colours (Beige,Black & White) and blends in under clothes.

    How Does Genie Bra Work?

    This bra works by offering a more relaxing and comfortable fit.

    - With the comfortable materials, it is easier to wear this bra
    - It offers a comfortable lift without the use of underwire, so that women are able to get the added support that they need & want
    - The silky material makes it easy to wear under many different types of tops so women can go about their day without discomfort or constant “adjusting”.

    Genie Bra Features

    *Creates Smooth Lines and Curves – The last thing I know I want is to have the outline of my bra visible underneath my clothes. This bra has a special design that lays flat against your skin so it cannot be seen through clothing.

    * Eliminates the Appearance of Unattractive Back Fat – Many bras I have tried in the past tend to be snug in all of the wrong places, and this creates bulges on my back that ruins any look…think stuffed sausage NASTY!

    * Lifts and Supports to Create Shapely Tata‘s – Any good bra will offer the support where you need it most, but this exceptional under attire goes a step further. It not only lifts and supports, but also enhances them so they appear perkier and shapelier. A much needed benefit for mothers I say!!

    * Provides Coverage – Sometimes your nipples can poke through even a padded bra…come on we’ve all been there don’t deny it, but you know what, that DOES NOT happen with this bra. I wore mine under a t-shirt into the freezing vegetable section of Costco and no “nip on” occured. Now THAT is a good thing I say!

    * Reduces the Visibility of Underarm Bulge – If you are not fit like myself (yes I am a chubby mummy), and wear sleeveless shirts from time to time, you know just how horrible fat bulges in your underarm area can be. This bra, however, reduces the visibility of those bulges.

    Genie Bra Pros

    There are many advantages to this bra.
    - There are many sizes and colors to choose from..Beige,Black & White & sizes up to 4X (clothing size 30W)
    - The bra is easily washable. Pitch it in the washer & dryer and it retains is shape & elasticity!
    - No Wires, No Hooks. No adjusting straps all day long! Just sheer comfort

    Genie Bra Cons

    - At $59.99, you have to really think about this purchase. Luckily, you get 6 bras for this price…ya they throw in an extra set free of charge
    - This bra is definately NOT for you if you want a sexy look, I myself take comfort over a sexy appearance any day.
    - Wide straps though a positive for everyday wear, are a negative for under spaghetti straps or other dressy attire.
    - Sizing is not like normal “sports bra type” sizing. I had to exchange for the next size up as I found the cups were “flattening” the girls instead of “enhancing”.


    If you are looking for a new bra, the Genie Bra might just be a great product for you. No matter what you wear with this bra, you will be able to do it with a more comfortable style & a smile on your face

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