Kiss My Face Cool Mint Moisture Shave Reviews

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Our Cool Mint moisture shave is a moisturizing formula with highly effective natural essential oils, extracts and vitamins for the best shave ever!- antiseptic peppermint to cool and stimulate- emollients olive oil and coconut oil and aloe vera for healing- antiseptic Goldenseal, also for healing- Arnica aids circulation- Lady's mantle is an astringent and has styptic properties- Sage, horsetail, and orangeflower act as astringents and refreshers- Soapwort is rich lathering, effective with acne, and like lemongrass, cleansing- Vitamins A and E are important nutrients for healthy skin...and all with a cool mint essence.GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE...Olive and Coconut Oils: emollient and moisturizingSoapwort: rich, lathering herbLady's Mantle: astringent and styptic properties

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