Large Tote Bag Fabric: Tahiti Acqua Reviews

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Large Tote Diaper Bag-Tahiti Acqua Fabric: Tahiti Acqua Pictured in Chocolate Posie This is the perfect ''throw EVERYTHING into it'' tote for travel, beach or farmer's market! Features two pockets on the inside and no closure. Polyvinyl waterproof bottom and lining with web handles. This designer bag is constructed of upholstery grade fabric for durability and has sealed seams. Fabric can be hand washed and each bag is accompanied with specific care instructions. Comes in 20 stylish designer pattern choices! Features: -Two pockets on the inside and no closure -Web handles -Upholstery grade fabric -Polyvinyl waterproof lining and bottom -Sealed seams -Hand washable with specific care instructions included -Overall dimensions: 13'' H x 14'' W x 10'' D

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