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life & food omega 3 supreme Reviews
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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    February 05, 2016

    I love these fish oil supplements. I have only seen pills that are either very large, or they give me "fish burps". These pills are quite small and they contain an amount of 1400mg of fish oil PLUS 75% Omega-3! I will definitely purchase this again.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    February 05, 2016

    + High levels of Omega 3s, EPA, & DHA
    + Suggested use of 2 softgels daily (not 3 as with other brands)
    + FDA-registered facility
    + NSF & GMP certified facility
    + Manufactured in the USA
    + Fair Price
    ++ Does NOT induce unpleasant fish-flavored burps!!

    - “Fishy” scent (but not flavored!)

    Research shows that supplementing with Omega-3s found in fish oils are correlated with heart, circulatory, immune system, skin and hair, inflammation, and even cognitive benefits. For these reasons, I’ve been taking fish oil supplements for years.

    This review will compare this Life & Food brand with 2 other brands that I have tried, Puritan’s Pride and Zenwise.

    Omega-3 Content:

    Puritan’s Pride- The fish oil product I was using from Puritan’s Pride (this brand does offer a multitude of different varieties however) contains 360mg of “combined” EPA + DHA.

    Zenwise- Of the 3 brands compared, the Zenwise contains the highest amounts of EPA + DHA: 880mg EPA + 660mg DHA.

    Life & Food- This brand comes in second for EPA+ DHA, with 644mg EPA + 336mg of DHA. However it also indicates 70mgs of “Other Omega-3s” totaling 1400mg of “Pure Fish Oil Concentrate,” 200mgs more than the 1200 mgs other the other 2 compared brands.

    Serving Size, Physical Size, & Calories:
    This Life & Food and the Zenwise products suggested use is to take 2 daily, whereas Puritan’s Pride and many other brands suggest 3 daily.

    Another thing I love about this Life & Food brand is the tiny size of the softgels. I have included a picture for comparison of 2 Life & Food softgels next to one Zenwise softgel (same size as the Puritan Pride brand) and a nickel for reference. This brand is clearly much smaller than the other brand I have tried. Also, coming in a 7 calories per soft gel, this Life & Food brand product is 3 calories less than the 10 calories per softgel of the other brands (totaling 6 calories less than the Zenwise brand and 16 calories less than the Puritian’s Pride per serving.)

    Puritan’s Pride- Everyday price is $21.70 for 500 softgels, which is over a 166-day supply.

    Zenwise- List price is $50.00, currently on sale for $19.95, for 120 softgels, at 2 per day, is a 60-day supply.

    Life & Food- List price is $59.99, currently on sale on Amazon for $26.97, for 180 softgels, at 2 per day, is a 90-day supply.

    While all 3 products are made in the USA this Life & Food brand and the Zenwise products are both made in FDA-registered facilities that are NSF & GMP certified (I couldn’t find anything regarding FDA, NSF, or GMP on the Puritan’s Pride website). I also really like that this Life & Food brand is certified sustainable seafood.

    Smell & Fish Burps:
    The BIGGEST difference for me personally, is the fact that this Life & Food brand truly does not cause ANY “Fish Burps.” It is interesting, because out of the 3 brands, this Life & Food brand SMELLS the fishiest, but even after several weeks of taking this supplement, I have NEVER ONCE experienced the unpleasant fishy burps.

    While the Zenwise brand claims, “…lemon flavored capsules that are specially designed for a pleasant, 'no burp' enteric consumption…” and do sort of smell faintly of a lemon-ish scent in the bottle, they are certainly NOT ‘no burp.’ Literally EVERY time I have taken even just one of the Zenwise fish oil supplements, I have experienced dreadful fish-flavored burps.

    Overall, this brand has very high levels of Omega 3s, smallest softegel size I’ve yet to see in a similar product, lower calories and serving size, a very fair price, and NO FISH BURPS! I highly recommend this product to absolutely everyone.

    * I am committed to providing completely honest and unbiased reviews, regardless of how I obtained the product. I was fortunate enough to receive this product no cost in exchange for my honest review. This and all of my reviews contain only my personal, sincere opinions, experiences, and Internet research results. Please feel free to comment if you found this review helpful (or not), or have any questions. I welcome and appreciate feedback regarding my reviews. Thank you for reading! *

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