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    May 13, 2015

    Midori Spring Organic Green Matcha Tea (Ceremonial Grade)

    This is a nice high quality premium blend of green tea that is very rich in antioxidants that promotes health in both mind and body
    Generally i would recommend this to those who are avid tea lovers but those who are so-so when it comes to tea could really benefit from this product, especially if your day to day life is busy, stressful, of if you just have trouble staying alert on some days
    as this can also be a nice healthy alternative to coffee, drinking this on some days really helped me get through the day, this also is good for the metabolism and supports weight loss aw well.

    I’m not too used to drinking tea in pure powder form, i’m used to just grabbing a tea-bag boiling some hot water and adding a bit of sugar then going about the rest of my day (darn cheap tea, as well), but after brewing this up a few times its become second nature
    and i’m starting to enjoy the process and drinking this as well, its a nice change from what i’m used to. I also know that sugar is not the healthiest to be drinking with tea, so i have done some experimenting, for those who want to enjoy the max health benefits of this matcha tea without
    sacrificing (more) sweetness ,or to counter the bitterness a bit i HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Pure Organic Honey as an alternative! organic honey on its own also is full of antioxidants so you can look at it as a bonus!.just be careful how much you use though, through my life i have had a horrible habit of using more sugar,salts, and anything else
    that you should probably measure before using on my food and drinks, and many tend to regretfully go to waste. for 8oz i would try for 2-4tsp of honey, then add a bit more until the sweetness is to your liking and your good to go! but of course there are other way you can naturally sweeten the matcha tea as well. All in all i highly recommend
    that anyone try this out if you want to experience trying out this healthy green matcha tea.

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