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Mifold Hifold Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    August 02, 2020
    Quebec, Canada

    If a Booster seat can have it all, the Hifold is it.

    The Hifold Adjustable Booster seat by Mifold is a great example of something that seems complicated, but once you use it it’s very simple and clear. If this is your first booster seat, you’ll want to dedicate some time alone to figure out how to adjust it, outside of the car, but there’s a huge benefit to Hifold over other booster seats and that’s the fact that it is so adjustable.


    The Hifold Booster seat design is exceedingly clever. Each of the sections can be expanded, folded or unfolded or widened in some way, which allows it to be made bigger as your child grows. Which means, you only need to buy this one booster seat for all the required ages (depending on local law). It also doesn’t LOOK like a baby seat. So older kids won’t be as annoyed at having to sit in it.

    This cool racer red design is actually similar to the style of popular Gaming Chair, so if they’re at the age where they don’t want to sit in a booster anymore, but it’s still required by law, it’s going to be easier to convince them with the look of the Hifold.

    It’s a bit tricky to figure out how to use it at first and while the guide is clear, I feel it is still a bit confusing. Just take it slowly and try one adjustment at a time and once you’ve done it once, you’ll easily remember how as it’s actually quite intuitive, once you notice the guides for the straps and the levers to pull.

    Another thing I liked is that they’ve thought of everything, there’s space under the seat cushion for the instruction booklet, so you’ll never be stuck and confused. As well as that, the fact that it folds up and becomes transportable is a big boon to parents on the go. If you don’t have your own car, or frequently need to take ubers or lifts from friends, the Hifold Booster Seat can come with you. It’s not super light, but it’s not unbearably heavy either, it weighs about as much as a laptop bag with the laptop inside or a heavy bag of groceries.

    It’s a shame that it isn’t rated for air travel or Australia (there’s been delays on the certification there), but being allowed in most other countries and situations means that Hifold travels really well.


    The quality is impressive, it’s not just good looks, but great functionality as well! The Hifold Booster Seat is quite sturdy, especially given its adaptability. The covers are all well-made and look fantastic. They are thick and rough enough that I don’t foresee a problem with durability and I’m thrilled that the covers are machine washable, given the amount of spillages (and sometimes puke related issues) that happen in a car.

    The only thing I didn’t love was the carrying strap, which I felt was a bit cheap and rubbish feeling compared to the otherwise high quality of the rest of the seat.

    It gives the impression and feel of a product from a professional company and I’m not surprised that Mifold has received a lot of praise about the Hifold Booster Seat. I’m happy to add to that praise with the positive experience I’m having with it.

    While the price point of $199.99 (at time of review) is higher than some booster seats, it’s lower than others that aren’t adjustable. I’m impressed with the value, given that it is so versatile, great quality and functionally works really well. Tons of the value lies in the portability of the Hifold, but I also can’t discount how valuable it is to have something that will last through the years. On top of that, the design being more stylish and less child-like really appeals to kids of a certain age.

    The Mifold Hifold (It’s a bit of a mouthful!) Adjustable Booster Seat has it all. It can travel from vehicle to vehicle and even country to country, it looks cool, it’s durable and it’s safe. The negatives are incredibly minor and given the reasonable price point and high value, it’s the best Booster seat I’ve tried so far!

    + Extremely portable (move from car to car, travel with it etc.)
    + Not too heavy (Laptop bag or heavy grocery bag is comparable.
    + Cool designs that don’t look as ‘babyish’ for older kids.
    + Easy to use once you know the trick.
    + Manual is good (but could also be dumbed down a lot for ease of use).
    + Storage for the manual under the seat cushion.
    + Adjustable and can ‘grow’ with your children.
    + Washable covers.

    - Not yet rated in Australia.
    - Can’t use on planes.
    - Shoulder strap feels a little cheap.

    Recommended: Yes! If a Booster seat can have it all, the Hifold is it.

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