Mon Bebe Scented Water for Babies - Eau de Soin Reviews


Love in a bottle ! Mon Bébé Scented Water was born out of the wish to share a much loved tradition between mother and baby: for a very long time, mothers in France have used oils and scents to calm and pacify their babies. Mon Bébé Scented Water is a beautiful blend of subtle fragranced tones of chamomile, mandarine and vanilla, which have a soothing and relaxing aroma. Mon Bébé contains natural plant extracts of cornflower, hawthorn and lime-tee which have been traditionally used to help babies sleep peacefully as well as relieve anxiety and soothe tummy aches. Mon Bébé scented Water has been clinically and dermatologically tested in France. It is hypoallergenic , parabens free, with Ecocert preservatives, and alcohol-free to be safe for baby's sensitive skin. Mon Bébé Scented Water's beautiful drop-shaped 100ml glass bottle is set in a perfectly simple and elegant white box, with a little teddy window. For all these reasons, Mon Bébé Scented Water is a must-have in any yummy baby nursery and is also the perfect gift to celebrate a new baby, as well as the many other happy times of a little one's life such as christenings, Christmas and first birthdays.

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