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NaturalEco Organics BringForth Life Flower Essence to improve fertility and encourage healthy conception Reviews


Sometimes people have problems getting pregnant. While there may be medical reasons for difficulty in conceiving a baby, we know that the emotions can also play a part. 'Did you know that it is thought that past hurt, ambivalence regarding parenthood, fear and childhood experiences of rejection and poor bonding can all exist in the subconscious mind and can contribute to conception problems and even infertility?' - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist. While there may be a great desire to get pregnant, the subconscious mind may hold the body back. Working on the level of vibrational energy, flower essences can be invaluable in lifting the subconscious obstacles to conception, clearing blockages and opening up emotional pathways to allow the life force through. NaturalEco Bringforth Life Essence is created for women who are struggling to get pregnant or who have had frequent miscarriages. This essence helps to locate the sources of fear in the subconscious, allowing the creative force to blossom. By lifting deep feelings of abandonment, rejection and fear and releasing negativity, this essence helps to overcome subconscious fears of pregnancy and parenthood and allows the creative force to flow freely.

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