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Nature's Bounty Advanced Collagen Skin Care Formula Tablets Reviews
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    June 29, 2016

    In the last couple years of my late twenties, I've slowly been noticing a change in my skin. Elasticity, suppleness and over all firmness and appearance has changed, Just this year as I'm approaching 30. It hit me like a ton of bricks, these small barely noticeable changes all finally added up, one day when I looked in the mirror there was no denying it anymore. I was staring me in the face. I showed signs of aging. The few years I spent sunbathing at highnoon at the lake without sunscreen, late nights, poor diet, weight gain, dramatic weight loss. I had to do something about it.

    I did a lot of research into the best options for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. To try and repair some possible damages I'd done. From serums, firming creams for face/body vitamins, bone broth, gelatin, light therapy, facials, retain A, dietary changes, the list goes on. Some videos I watched bone broth jumped out at me. Something dietary to boost natural collagen in my body. Something to turn back time, or at least slow it down. Anything to get rid of the skin that was starting to sag at my chin, or the smile lines that seemed to appear over night, the barely visible lines under my eyes that were deepening crease. All of a sudden aging was all that was on my mind, when it had never crosses my mind before.

    So I went to the pharmacy armed with my new found knowledge (from hours of YouTube videos and articles I read online) and I stocked up on vitamins and supplements. One of which was "Natures Bounty Advanced Collagen skin care formula". The package says to take two pills twice daily, taken a few hours before or after other medications. For one month I took at least two pills a day. Some days I'd forget, some days I'd only get one dose in. I drank plenty of water (as I always do, at least 4LT a day) , and didn't make any other changes to my routines other than a prenatal vitamin (bought omega 3s & vitamin C, but I didn't take those faithfully enough to make a difference, I will try them next)

    Just today at the end of the 90 tablet bottle. I was just out of the shower and applying my regular moisturizers, when i noticed my skin felt different all over my body. Similar to the way it felt when I was using a firming emulsion. It was firmer, everywhere head to toe. It's not what really struck me was firmness in my breasts and tummy and cheeks. I can't stop massaging my skin, because I can't believe I really feel a difference. And I've noticed that my breasts are more rounded and firm. Prior to the supplements. I was very unhappy with the loss of shape and perceived loss in volume. But now in a looser bra they sit rounded, and my cleavage is looking prerkier. This is only after a month, the bottle says you need to take it for 5 months to see benefits.

    The contents of the supplement is HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN (porcine) 500mg Vitamin C, Biotin, copper, Calcium. I bought this thinking it couldn't hurt to try, it was $20 but the store was having a sale and I think I got it for $12 a bottle. I'm going back and stocking up. I am impressed with the changes in curves, I was considering plastic surgery to get the shape back. I didn't want my breasts to sit in cups like wobbly jello, just spilling into any old shape. I wanted the perky rounded tops/sides they used to have. I'm a believer in Hydrolyzed Collagen! I'll be looking into more supplements for improvements.

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