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Optimus Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor Reviews


Well known for their personal heaters and fans Optimus now brings you the Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor, the #1 advanced computerized basal thermometer. The Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor will help by informing the possibility of pregnancy, including due date, and indicates the fertile days in the cycle. Features a reminder alarm clock to assist in consistency with the time of temperature taking. Includes a 210 day or 5 cycle temperature and conditions memory, including optional temperature chart PC print-out, and displays body conditional symbols to inform user of the need to visit the doctor. This product is 100% natural and will not affect body hormonal changes and has zero side affects. The Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor does not require test strips or refill packs, one time purchase only. Be sure to use #2032 coin lithium battery only. Using any other batteries may cause malfunction. (Replaces: Energizer ECR2032, Duracell DL2032 or CR2032 Sony, Sanyo, Maxell, Panasonic, etc.)

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