organicKidz Wide Mouth, White Dots, 9 Ounce Reviews


9oz Wide Mouthed Baby Bottle With White Poka Dots. BPA , PVC and Phthalate free. The unique bottle design allows for easy heating and cooling of liquids – bottles can even be heated in a cup of hot water. The lid is a durable stainless steel design and doubles as a in 2oz/60mL measuring cup - ideal for formula feeding. organicKidz Stainless Steel is naturally bacteria resistant, durable, light weight and dishwasher safe. The stainless steel lid can also double as a snack cup. Breast milk can also be frozen and stored in organicKidz bottles. With organicKidz handles and sippy spouts our bottles are upgradeable to Sippy Cups.organicKidz Wide Mouth Baby Bottles are compatible with:o Mamo Nubby Non-Dripo Dr. Brown’s Natural Flowo Avent – Nipples and Sippy Spoutso Think Baby – Nipples and Sippy Spoutso Chicco Anti-Colic Siliconeo Born Freeo NukWinner of an iParenting Media Award.Easy to clean and hard to damage - organicKidz, the Safer, Greener choice.

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