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    March 01, 2007

    I've been looking for a while to find a good laptop bag after my current one. Trying to carry more than just a your computer is tough without switching to a back-pack. I was looking for standard messenger bags but they have no padding. At the Apple store cool bags are like $170 bucks and the local luggage stores sell other standard bags/backpacks for about $60.

    On a whim, Ali and I headed out to Carbon Computing on Queen East and found a great variety of bags plus this bag which was I think is perfect.

    Updated On: March 15, 2008

    My inital love for this bag has been somewhat tempered. A month after buying the bag my Macbook Pro got dented. The bag, with my laptop inside it, hit a doot that closed a little to quickly. I didn't think much becuase it was casual, not very hard, every day stuff. When I took it out I realized how soft the padding is on the side and bottom of the bag. I have a good dent on the top-right side. I hope this product flaw is addressed. Normal side impacts are probably softened by stuff you have in your back but it's not the same if it's the bottom or side of your bag. Sniff..

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