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    May 02, 2016

    Mine came with a ripped and resealed box and a lot of scratches on the clipper, leading me to have to worry that I got an unmentioned returned or refurbished model.

    There are some very strong ups and downs to this model.

    First, it is NOT cordless as listed above. Total falsehood. The cord must be plugged in, which makes it really irritating as part of the reason I purchased this model was for the wireless option.

    It doesn't cut that great, I spent a long time going over and over the hair, but the next day I still noticed a lot of hair left long. While it says it's rinseable and it is, a bunch of hair gets stuck under the movement section and won't come out, it really isn't easy to clean it well at all. In fact it's basically impossible to get it clean.

    The goods are that the 'changeable' number system is a lot easier to use than replacing the plastic guard every time. It's pretty loud, but still quieter than many clippers I've used.

    I really wish I could return this as I feel I was totally missold, but since I've used it now, there's no going back. I strongly suspect this was an already used and returned model that was sent to me. Very disappointing.

    - Don't have to use multiple plastic guards.

    - Difficult to clean.
    - Doesn't cut well.

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