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    November 12, 2011

    I dunno about you guys but somehow whenever I use a curling iron I always manage to mess up the curls or one side looks better than the other. After browsing in Sally's, I came across this new curling iron.....it doesn't have a clip. It looks like a vibrator. Seriously.

    The sales lady told me that all you have to do is literally "wrap a chunk of hair around the barrel and you'll get instand gorgeous curls". So, of COURSE I had to buy this to test it out. I got home, ripped it out of the package and let it heat up. I did exactly as the sales lady told me; grabbed a chunk of my hair, wrapped it around the wand and counted to 10. As soon as I let the piece of hair go, I literally had an instant ringlet. I couldn't believe it and figured it was beginners luck, so I tried it again, with another piece. Again, instant perfect, curl. Curl after curl, no measuring, no comb, no nothing. Literally grabbing piece after piece and wrapping them around the barrel and presto - perfect bouncy curls.

    A few tips:

    1. The barrel gets freaking HOT....use the protective glove that comes with it. I burnt the shit out of my fingers.
    2. I'm still trying to figure out how to point the barrel....if you point it down, your hair curls one way and if you point the barrel up, the hair curls a different way.
    3. The size of chunk of hair you grab obviously changes the curl.
    4. Where you place the barrel to start the curl (ie. close to your scalp vs half way down the shaft) makes a difference in what the curl looks like.

    Totally worth the coin if you're as curling dysfunctional as I am.

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