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Seneo 2.5L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviews
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    August 03, 2016

    I've tried many different types of humidifiers. Some double as oil diffusers and decor, some have lights that change colors or flash. However, this Seneo humidifier is designed to do one thing and one thing well; humidify. Unlike many of the others I've tried this is a monster of a humidifier and if size matters to you, this guy has it covered. It can run for 12 hours on full, as opposed to many of the smaller humidifiers which tend to run for anywhere from 3 - 6 hours and have a much smaller capacity,

    My one complaint is not having an option to turn off the nightlight and this could very well be a deal-breaker for some people. I do like that the light is not overly bright and a soothing blue colour.

    If you're not sensitive to sound, this is definitely nice and quiet and shouldn't bother you. However, I should caution that if, like me, you need absolute silence when you sleep that this might not be right for you. Or might be better for not in a bedroom On higher mist outputs it does make a quiet bubbling that shouldn't bother normal people, but those sensitive to sound will be very irritated by this.

    It's sturdy and well-made, with a large turnable dial that would work well for those with mobility issues in their hands. It's also easy to fill (just remove the turnable dial and fill up then re-apply) and clean. The highest setting really gives out a lot of mist, so this humidifier is really designed to do the job right and would work even in bigger rooms.

    Overall the capacity of this Seneo humidifier is really where it shines, so if you're looking for one to run for a long time with a good output, this could be your dream humidifier!

    + Amazingly large capacity.
    + Good mist output (adjustable)
    + Soothing nightlight in a nice blue colour.
    + Easy to turn dial.
    + Great quality.
    + Quiet.
    + Easy to fill.

    - No option to turn off nightlight.
    - Bubbling sound at high output might bother some if in bedroom.

    Note: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an unbiased, honest review as provided here. As a consumer advocate, I believe in providing quality and honest feedback and receiving a product at a discounted rate will never affect my opinions.

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