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SFO Medical 100 Ovulation Test Strips: Ultra Sensitive Reviews


Fertility Pack: 100 ovulation (SFO Medical brand) test strips with Free Shipping All tests are individually packed and have expiry of about two years. ***SFO Medical** is printed on the pouches and if you do not see this on the pouch, you are getting a fake test***** The One-Step LH Ovulation Tests are qualitative immunoassays for detecting elevated levels of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in urine. Ovulation Tests allow you to predict when you ovulate - the time you're most likely to become pregnant! If you're trying to conceive, Test strips are placed vertically in a container of urine. This test provides accurate results in just minutes, allowing you to predict peak fertility. Ovulation predictor tests work by allowing you to detect your monthly LH Surge - the sudden and dramatic increase in luteinizing hormone present in your urine just before you ovulate. Lh is the hormone that facilitates ovulation (the release of the egg). When you detect your LH surge with an ovulation test, you know you are fertile! (Complete test instructions ship with every order. Since the best time for fertilization of the egg to occur is within 6 to 24 hours after you ovulate, correctly gauging your body's cycle is extremely helpful in increasing your chances of becoming pregnant. Our ovulation tests detect LH with a sensitivity of 10mIU/ml/lh - and all of our tests are brand new, with an expiry date of 2 years! Key Features: Easy to use Easy to read Accuracy: 99.5% Read results within 3-5 minutes Able to detect as low as 10mIU/ml LH Room temperature storage Valid for two years from the purchase date Specifications: 1) Specimen: urine 2) Format: strip 3) Sensitivity: 10mIU/mL 4) One kit includes 1 test (with desiccant) in a foil pouch Packing: Inner packing: (per zipper bag) Strip: 100 tests (if bought 100) Pregnancy test strips Specifications: 1) Specimen: urine; serum/urine 2) Format: strip 3) Sensitivity: 15mIU/mL 4) One kit includes 1 test (with desiccant) in a foil pouch

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