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Foot Cream Reviews

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Vaseline Clinical Care™ Cracked Heel Rescue Foot Cream

56 reviews

Vaseline Clinical Care™ Cracked Heel Rescue Foot Cream offers intensive care for dry, cracked heels, providing relief and restoration for tired feet. Formulated with concentrated moisturizers and healing properties, this foot cream penetrates deeply to hydrate and repair...
O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Cream

57 reviews

O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Cream is a trusted solution for dry, cracked, and rough feet, providing intensive hydration and repair for even the toughest skin. Formulated with a unique blend of moisturizers and protective ingredients, this cream penetrates deeply to soothe and...
Baylis and Harding silkyfoot lotiom

2 reviews

Baylis and Harding Silkyfoot Lotion offers a luxurious treat for your feet, providing deep hydration and silky-smooth results. Enriched with nourishing ingredients and soothing extracts, this indulgent lotion penetrates deeply to moisturize and soften rough, dry skin. Its...
Sanctuary spa heel balm

1 review

Amszing product makes my feet sos so soft have been bought for my birthday, now i cant go without it Who doesnt love soft feet especially with summer kow on ita way
Glossier Oil Balancing Moisturiser

1 review

Love this for daytime wear, keeps my shine at bay but doesn't dull my skin or dry it out - the perfect balance of controlled yet healthy. The packaging is also great as you don't have to put your finger in the pot, just squeeze out what you need.
Palmers cocoa butter formula foot magic

9 reviews

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic is your secret weapon for pampered and rejuvenated feet. Enriched with the nourishing benefits of cocoa butter and peppermint oil, this indulgent foot cream provides deep hydration and intensive care for dry, rough skin. Its luxurious...
Soap and glory heel cream

1 review

I love soap and glory products, although I felt that one lets the side down a bit. It’s has a lovely scent to the cream, just didn’t think it was that effective. It does moisturise your feet well, but if you have super tired feet like mine - you need something more. Maybe...
Vichy Podexine reconditioning Care for dry feet

1 review

Great foot moisturizer, fairly thick, you don’t need a lot of product for results and not greasy Excellent recommendation for diabetics as the whole product line is targeted to include diabetic customers
Pure spa

1 review

This is definitely not my absolute favorite foot lotion I've ever tried, especially one that is branded as solely a foot lotion. It did moisturize my feet a bit I guess but I made them have a weird white film all over the bottom that was kind of tacky feeling and rubbed off in...
Burt’s bees coconut foot cream

2 reviews

I brought the coconut foot cream after being recommended by a friends. The product smells nice and does work to soften the sole of your feet, however it is quite sticky. I apply it and then wear old socks to let it absorb into the feet.
true blue spa glycolic acid

1 review

This footcream is so nourishing and hydrating- it helps keep my feet soft and smooth (which often isn't the case during the winter time when everything is dry and chapped.
Avon Footworks overnight treatment

2 reviews

Avon Footworks Overnight Treatment offers a rejuvenating solution for tired, achy feet, providing intensive care while you sleep. This overnight treatment is specially formulated with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and glycerin to deeply hydrate and soften dry, rough...
Clinique iD: Active Cartridge Concentrate for Pores and Uneven Texture

7 reviews

✨I think clinique had a very cool idea when creating this product, which drew me into purchasing as I havent seen anything like it before... but as for the execution it could have been better... ✨I noticed the pump dispensed the serum very inconsistently, as some days I...
Atrac-Tain Cream

2 reviews

I was hospitalized three separate times recently and was given this cream by a nurse. I was washing my hands frequently due to a chronic illness and I literally had black scars on my knuckles. I used this cream during and after my hospital stay and I love it. It's soothing and...
Avon foot works overnight renewing cream

6 reviews

Oh... my... God!!! Stop what you are doing and go get this miracle maker to your feet. You deserve it. Definitely the BEST foot cream you’ll ever try. Forget about the expensive stuff.. this one do the work and even more.

1 review

I have extremely dry feet. My heels crack and they are painful to walk on. My sister in law told me to try Heeltastic that it had worked very well for her. Well I am absolutely amazed!!! Heeltastic has worked miracles on my feet. I put it on my feet before I go to bed and then...
Freeman barefoot Moisturizing overnight foot treatment

3 reviews

Freeman's overnight treatment recommends you to use it 2-3 times a week, I highly recommend this product You can see and feel the results after the first night you use it.
Dr Scholl's Dream Walk Ultra Overnight Foot Cream

1 review

After working all summer outdoors with only sandals on and having to deal with chlorinated water, rocks and the sun my feet started cracking, peeling and were painfully dry. I bought the Dr Scholl's dream walk ultra night foot cream for a really good price and it only took one...
Freeman bare foot peppermint + plum foot lotion

4 reviews

One of my favorite foot creams! Freeman Peppermint & Plum Bare Foot Softening Foot Balm smells great and feels so good when rubbed into tired, sore feet. It does help keep your feet soft and nourished. I have never tried it with the goal of softening an established callus, so...
Vitry foot care

1 review

La mousse hydratante pour les pieds est géniale ! Les pieds sont biens hydratés et la mousse est légère ne laissant pas les pieds gras et glissants ! J'aime l'odeur et la rapidité d'application et de pénétration.