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Candy Reviews

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Riesen Chewy Caramels Candy

1 review

I am in love with this chocolate covered caramel. These are very yummy and very addictive! What can I say, these candies are fantastic! The chocolate is rich, and the caramel is smooth. At first it is hard to chew but after sucking for some time it will go soft and melt in your...
Chocolat favoris S'MORES FONDUE

1 review

love this. really good and taste amazing. you can even microwave it or put it in the freezer and both are very good and delicious. I really recommend.
Peanut m&ms;

1 review

Peanut M & M’s are one of the best candies on the planet! They provide the perfect amount of sweetness and saltiness. The crunch when you bite into one is phenomenal. The chocolate is creamy and the candy shell is a fun touch! Buy these m &m;’s, they are a great value!
Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

11 reviews

Un petit plaisir sucré sans se sentir coupable après les avoirs tous mangés ! Tout en les mangeant j'ai un souvenir d'enfance ! Eh oui depuis très longtemps je n'ai pas mangé des friandises gélatineuses ou torsadées . Je les vraiment bien aimé , j'ai adoré le côté...

6 reviews

Smartsweets have quickly become one of my new fave candies. I LOVE candy but don’t love the sugar and sugar crash that comes with it … I’ve tried all of the Smartsweets (available in Canada) and they are all amazing. I prefer sour candy thought so my faves are the “sour...
Reeses big cups

15 reviews

I am the biggest fan of peanut butter and chocolate. I am usually always craving this! So when reeses came out with the big cups, you could uberstand how happy I was. These are the best.
Smart Sweets Sour Blast Buddies

9 reviews

I really like the ingredients and the whole concept of Smart Sweets to help people kick sugar cravings. Every flavor is made from natural ingredients, low in sugar and calories, gluten free, allergens free, and high in fiber content. The Sour Blast Buddies option is plant-based...
Tic tac apple mix

1 review

I purchased these tictacs for my daughter yesterday because she lives anything Apple. Well let me tell you that these are the best! The green ones are sour and the red ones sweet! Just like real apples
Linder milk bars

1 review

The Linder Milk chocolate bars are Devine! Melt on your tongue, blissfullness. An incredibly smooth center coated with more chocolate bliss. Chocolate is life, life is enjoying chocolate.
Peanut Butter M&Ms;

1 review

I really enjoy these. They have a nice creamy peanut butter and chocolate flavor. The only problem is I always want more. There is a good amount in the bag. I would recommend these as a great snack.
KitKat Dark Chocolate

7 reviews

KitKat is the one of the most favorite chocolate my family like, this dark chocolate flavor is always in my grocery shopping list. Not too sweet just right for me.
Squish Candies Tea Leaves

1 review

These are really good! They are more chewy than the other non-vegan squish gummies. The texture falls between that of the non-vegan and vegan gummy by squish. When you bite in, you get the sweetness and then you can taste the hint of tea flavour. I would get these again!
M & M’s peanut chocolate candies

4 reviews

Perfect candy for peanut lovers! I buy this all the time when i feel like having a chocolate/candy. Its a bit more sugary than i like, but kids looove it!
REESE Pieces Peanut Butter Bulk Candy, 1.36 Kilogram bag

1 review

Reese’s pieces are amazing. It’s a very addicting snack that doesn’t leave you feeling heavy. I’d recommend them to anyone but beware they contain nuts
LINDOR 70% CACAO Dark Chocolate

11 reviews

Lindt chocolate is delicous, a fine choice if you want to buy healthier, less sweet treats. I highly recommend as the surplus of sugar in cheaper chocolates is really bothersome.
Annie’s organic bunny fruit snacks berry patch

1 review

I have been on the look out for vegan gummies for a year now and found these. They are more costly than regular gummies but I liked them. The texture isn’t like normal gummies because of no gelatin, but I still liked them.
BOURBON Fettuccine Gummi Gummy - Italian grape

1 review

These are one of my favourite candy series that are from Japan. You can get them at certain Asian specialty stores (one Save-On-Foods that was in a mainly Asian community had them too) or online at stores like Blippo, however at an increased cost. The package is small, but the...
M & M's Fudge Brownie Dark Chocolate Candies

2 reviews

Best brownie flavored candy there is! Tastes like an actual brownie. Becomes very addicting lol! Can’t get enough of them! Family and friends love it as well! I try to buy biggest bag possible!
Albanese 12 Flavor Gummi Bears No Sugar Added

3 reviews

OMG these Gummies are so good the fruity taste they have and when you open the bag they smells so good. They taste good at room temperature or cold right out the freezer. A big (225 bag) only last us 2 or 3 days.
Jolly rancher strawberry & green apple flavoured hard candy

1 review

Jolly rancher strawberry & green apple flavoured hard candy are super tasty!!! I don’t know what’s in them but once you have one in your mouth, you just want to keep having more and more!! I love the taste of these candies!!