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Chips & Popcorn Reviews

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3D Doritos

1 review

Really not a fan of these 3D Doritos. They are a bit of a kick after you eat a few but besides the heat they really don’t have any flavour. I really enjoyed the crunch but other then that they left me wanting more.
Irresistibles Mesquite BBQ Old Fashioned Chips

1 review

Easily one of the best options at the snack aisle in applicable grocery stores. It manages to somewhat resemble Miss Vickie's chips, but for a much cheaper price, making it an amazing deal.
Pringles Wavy Applewood Smoked Cheddar Chips

7 reviews

Disappointed in these chips. The flavour of them is decent, but they seemed like they were stale. Tried three different packages at different times, so wasn't just a bad pack. I think the texture is just not for me
Skinny pop white cheddar popcorn

4 reviews

This popcorn tastes amazing!! Such a great low calorie and low carb snack. Im trying to eat healthier so this is a great alternative to snacking on chips. It definitely satisfies my cravings and I love how big the portion size.
Simply Cheetos Crunchy White Cheddar

2 reviews

I got this from the store because my son loves Cheetos. This brand has no artificial ingredients and is a perfect choice to satisfy those Cheetos cravings. Plus it tastes amazing. I would buy it again.
Kettle brand Honey Dijon potato chips

5 reviews

I am not a fan of potato chips and I just want to eat chips once in a while. Our family tries to eat clean as much as we can. We also really like that these chips are gluten free and non GMO. The combination of honey & dijon mustard is perfect. Definitely not too salty like most...
Great Value ( Walmart Brand ) Chips

26 reviews

Like many people during the pandemic, my life consisted of snacks and movies. Overtime, I realized the name brand chips were getting a little too costly for this broke University student's budget so I tried the Great Value brand instead. I went in with low expectations but to my...
Lays Poppables Sea Salt

10 reviews

I love these chips, my absolute favourite Lays chips. They remind me of chick n' chips so it's very nostalgic for me. The sea salt flavour is simple but tasty.
Chester's Cheese Corn Twists

2 reviews

I have an autistic child so finding things for him to eat seems near impossible I left my bag opened in the kitchen not thinking anything of it well my dear son had the bag pretty much gone sure it may not be the healthiest snack but it’s a delicious snack for sure !
Tostitos Hint of Roasted Garlic

6 reviews

I absolutely love this flavour of Tostitos. They're garlicky, without being overpowering. Taste great with salsa, as baked nachos, and I've been known just keep eating out of the bag if I run out of dip, they're that good.
Doritios Taco Flavor

6 reviews

Everyone in the house love them. Great taste and can do so much from crushing them up adding to a salad or crushing them up fine and adding as a chicken coater when deep frying chicken wings. So good.
Cheetos Crunchy Xxtra Flamin' Hot

2 reviews

I just discovered these snacks and they’re delicious! I love the original but this is a unique take. They are a bit difficult to find though. Overall worth a try!
Orville Redenbacher Butter Popcorn

49 reviews

I've been purchasing this for my daughter who loves popcorn any time of day. She likes this brand and the flavor better then the Kirkland brand I was buying before.
Smart price ready salted crisps

1 review

As does own Smart Price really sorry Chris I can’t be sorted and really nice I did find them a little bit greasy To touch but not at all impacting on flavour really good value for money and I’ll rate them over Walkers
Quinoa chips Eat Real

1 review

Great product with the feeling that it’s less empty carbs. Added bonus is the addition of superfood quinoa. The flavours have been thought out well with an artisanal feel
Tostitos Multigrain Black Bean & Garlic

1 review

We were given bag of Tostitos Multigrain Black Bean & Garlic tortilla chips to try and have been buying these whenever we get the chip munchies now. These chips are fresh, crunchy and have an amazing flavour! We usually use tortillas to eat with dips but with these, you will...
Walkers sensations

2 reviews

These crisps aren’t fav crisps. They are crunchy and spicy which I love. You don’t find that many spicy crisps out there but these are just the best.
Presidents choice caramel popcorn

1 review

I absolutely love this popcorn. Lots of caramel so tasty really good can eat a whole bag in one sitting. That could be terrible but I don't care delicious
Doritos Zesty Cheese Tortilla Chips

15 reviews

My favourite chip in the Doritos family. I love the zesty cheesy taste in comparison to the more tame Doritos Nacho. Very affordable priced and very tasty snack for the family on movie night
Pringles Snack Stacks Original

13 reviews

What a cute package. My kids love this size. Whenever they go outside for a ride they take one of this. There is nothing to say about the quality. It is our favourite brand.